Excessively large Community folder causes CTD

Hey guys,

does anyone ever noticed a relation between an excessively large Community folder and CTDs?
When I empty the folder everything returns to normal.When my add-ons are placed back in I CTD exactly when I try to start a flight.


Then logically this means one of your mods is breaking the sim. You need to check one by one. More than likely it’s a livery.

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Size of the community folder shouldn’t crash the game. As @moxiejeff said, it suggests that one of the items in your community folder isn’t playing well with the new update and causing a crash.

The only way to tell for sure is to remove everything and reinstall them one by one and restart the sim. I would suggest doing the in the order of importance said updates are to you (like G1000/3000 mods first, plane mods second, scenery, and finally liveries).


Many thanks guys,I thought most likely would be a scenery add-on.I’ll uninstall everything livery related and reinstall it one by one as proposed.