Excluding custom objects "how to"

Is it currently possible to exclude specific objects from a custom dev or placed by Adobo?

Working on improving some scenery in a city and in that given city there are custom 3D objects placed by Asobo and by other 3rd party devs.

Some of the objects are of either low quality, lacking or down right faulty.

I would like to replace these objects with my own improved custom ones, but so far have been unsuccessful in excluding them.

I know I could removed the objects the hard way by deleting them from the folders, which would solve the issue for myself alone, but I would like this scenery package to work for everyone downloading it from fs.to and to be compatible with other freeware and payware scenery options on the market.

Hope to find a way to exclude, and thx for your answers in advance.

Not possible as far as I can tell. Any item placed is an integral part of the mod’s code and there’s no way of editing that yourself.

Of course You can exclude someone else objects

Place an exclusion rectangle object
Select exlcude library objects
Compile/export your scenery
Place in community

The bold steps are mandatory, the exclusionrectanglw works only when compiled and places in community

As long as your scenery Is loaded After the ones you want to exclude, the objects (library objects) of that scenery Will be excluded
Loading order should comes from the Content.xml file order

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