Exe blocked Microsoft store

Hi everyone … I wanted to ask for help because I can’t use reshade. Exe and locked bought from windows store. Any solution?

You can’t use ReShade for the Store version
Why don’t you try nVidia FreeStyle ? If you own an nVidia card, of course

Hi … And why I would like to use it in 3d having a 3d TV. With all the other sims I can use the deph3d without problems and it is a show. With nvidia freestyle I don’t think there is an option

You can’t access the. exe
That’s why
You can import every single reshade option, to the nVidia
It’s working perfectly

You say I can import deph3d into nvidia?

Thanks a lot I was not aware of it so does nvidia freestyle work with the sim? Because in alpha I couldn’t get it to work

Does the Depth3D work with ReShade?
If yes, you can…
Yes, nVidia Freestyle is working with MSFS 2020

Have a look here

Thank you, I really know how to spend a sleepless night

You’re welcome
I’m not sure if Depth3D is working or not but you can try it out
I imported all the ReShade filters to nVidia
And there are a lot

the depth3d doesn’t work but i found a guide to inject reshade in fms2020 exe ​​https://framedsc.github.io/ReshadeGuides/reshadeuwp.htm