Exit runway ASAP!

People exit the runway ASAP had three go arounds cause same user/player aircraft in the middle of runway exit out and take the taxi already. Couldn’t take the other runway to land cause there’s was a departure :angry:. MSFS needs to create a Separate server for those who play this seriously. Cause this really caught my nerves today.


+1 million :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:


Yes! And they have the nerve to complain if you run them over lol


Patience… the casual players (those who refer to this as ‘game’, would soon be gone leaving us, serious simmers all alone to enjoy practicing, sharping or learning the skills of flight.


All will be fine once we have Squawkbox/Vatsim integration i hope.


While a good idea on paper, I can’t see how this would feasibly executed. I did see a comment on another similar thread suggesting removal of spawning on runways and allow for taxiway spawning, which might be a better alternative. For now I think we’ll need to put up with runway spawning however.

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If not mistaken infinity flight for mobile have separate servers.

Right, with some sort of vetting process (I think based on hours flown in the casual servers?) which may be an option in the future.

Hopefully msfs Integrate this in the sim.

Same happened to me some days ago… 3 Go arounds cause someone landed and stopped right in the middle of the runway. So I decided to leave “Live players” alone and just use AI traffic

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This could only be possible with a really good in game atc that powered by state-of-the-art A.I that can handle players and a reputation system depending on your actions, similar to online racing games’ safety ratings. Then maybe multiplayer could place you with similar players, or hide players with lower points etc. Also this would encourage players. But again a really innovative and a good atc is needed for that.


That would be amazing


Yup that will be great

Quite a few small airports have no parking in this sim, so only way to spawn there is on the runway.

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Just play in a private group or switch off multiplayer


That I understand some airport have few parking spaces but a international airport na that ain’t acceptable.

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you know you wont hit them right?


Yes, but as long as there is airports without parking Asobo can not disable spawn on runway.

Indeed, many of these airports utilize grass spots for parking which do need to be added.

You might want to vote there then: