Expectations about MSFS2020

I’m curious what everyone who is not a tester was expecting from this game / sim?

Personally I was expecting a PC simulator the likes of Xplane with working IFR capability and some great graphics to boot.

I feel like what we got on launch day was an xbox game that got ported over to a PC. Having to use an xbox controller to control the drone camera says a lot right there.

I don’t want this to turn into a ■■■■■ session, I’m just honestly curious if people got what they expected. For me, I didn’t and that is fine. I’m going to have to learn to live with what MSFS2020 is, and it is why I still have XP11 on my computer, for the IFR capabilities offered.


Got what I expected and more during alpha, got what I expected on purchase.

My expectations are vastly different from the vocal part of (not sure if minority or majority, definitely noisy tho) customers. My money is well spent unless Asobo stops development tomorrow.

I expected to have one sim and bin P3D and X Plane and Aerofly and have a single sim again but keep DCS For combat .

Instead I have deleted MSFS until it has a better flight model , VR and helicopters ( helicopters as good as X Plane )


I have been very happy. There are a few quirks but even Xplane had them when they put out 11 and I am sure it will be fine in a few weeks. I have not had troubles that some people have had with ATC, autopilots, and navigation but I have had a lot of hours with Xplane so I am familiar with a lot of the functions and how they should work to make an ILS approach. It doe help I have new computer with a upper end video card and a lot of fast RAM so I have not had frame rate issues or graphic quality problems.

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Everything that has to do with graphics, the environment, light, water, weather etc. is what I expected and more (but my own house look like ■■■■ though which was kind of a letdown hahaha). Flying at night is now an amazing experience. Flying in the alps is beautiful. The water is as real as it gets! I also like the flight dynamics, but I am not a real pilot so cant judge on that, just a feeling (but a real time pilot in this forum claimed it is indeed near his real life experience). Light, that is so much better than I thought would be possible.

I really like that it is now possible to navigate visually. Stockholm (my hometown) really looks like Stockholm. Its not perfect, for example I dont like that the asphalt areas in Stockholm has a green-ish tone, which seems to have with Bing Maps to do. And such an Iconic building like the City hall should have been fixed.

I am a bit disappointed that the default aiport buildings dont have better quality. And also for the hand crafted in the premium deluxe version I had higher expecations. Yes they are kind of accurate, but it is something with the lack of details that still make them pale. Seems like the market for add-on airports is still lucrative!

Havent made up my mind with the clouds yet. Sometimes I think they look more like foam, and sometimes they look like the real thing.

The default aircrafts I didnt expect much from and I have only chosen one now to learn the new platform but as soon Aerosoft release something more professional I will never go back to the default ones (same with all simulators I have ever had.

ATC and Live AI Traffic is far worse than I expected (and I have always been flying with ATC in FS and P3D, finding it acceptable, but not good). For me that is an important part of the flying experience so I had hoped that it would be much better at release than what it is. Hopefully it is on the top of the to do-list to make improvements (full ATC service on airports where it should be, correct vectoring, more ATC voices etc) and Live AI-traffic doesnt seem to work at the moment. I also got the impression from the trailer clips that there would be real world airline liveries for the AI-traffic. I have been told it will come, but the trailer made me expect it on release day.

At first I didnt like the Camera system, it was kind of a learning curve, but now I really like it, so easy to move around in the cockpit with the mouse etc. Drone is a fantastic idea, but it is not very intuitive to handle.

Overall my expecations have been met so far, but that is also because I thought it would be issues the first few months. For me to continue support this platform it is very important that issues start to get sorted within the next few weeks and month. I notice that many gamers who are used to other high quality games seems to have had much higher expecations and are disatisfied with the quality and many issues at release. That is actually something good. Why should simmers accept more issues than other gamers? The many complaints in this forum (if they are constructive) are good, because it will hopefully push the devs to make the platform better and better. I hope all who finds issues report them to Zendesk, I have already sent several reports, and already one solved :slight_smile: I hope everyone with download issues and CDTs get their problems sorted by support as soon as possible, because its never fun to pay for software that only causes headache…

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ATC is ok in my book so far, it was a joke in Xplane. Listening some real ATC on LiveATC in New York or Atlanta during rush hour, I know I would be so far behind the ball and my hats off to the real pilots who can handle it.

I’m very happy with the sim, yes! there are problems with it, but there was problems with FSX and P3D when they were released, but no one is moaning about them two titles now are they? us Alpha and Beta testers can only find so many problems when we run the builds as we all only have different hardware and software to run the sim, it’s when the product is released to the masses that so many problems arise as everyones systems are so different, also it takes months of work just to create one aircraft model to have every single cockpit button working as it should and the model to look, fly and sound as it should, all I can say is give it time, use the sim as is and everytime you find a problem, please email the devs, use a support ticket, this is the only way you will get a more polished product quicker, remember, this also happened with FSX and P3D and Xplane, it is not a new concept. if everyone helps we all get what it is we all wanted in the first place, a real good sim.

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