Expedite flight level after Sept update

Hi all! Is anyone else still getting asked to expedite their flight level? I streamed with the 787-10 yesterday and it kept on asking me to expedite my flight level.

Just curious if anyone else is still have the issue after the last update. I thought it was supposed to be addressed in the last update?


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Hi @Nikki462,
I’ve moved your topic into General Discussion as the SDK area is for questions/help with the SDK.

Please also see this post:

Hi, me the same, I am on version now, windows store and also content manager or msfs itself provides any newer updates, but as soon as i start a new flight ATC is still nonstop asking other AI to expedite climb. Should this bug not be resolved meanwhile, as I read in another thread about this issue…?
Are we the only both having this issue also on the latest version?

I still get that also

Same here.

Ok, seems a liitle bit strange isn’t it? For most people bug seems to be fixed meanwhile as it is said in this topic:

So is it or is it not? And if it is fixed, what could we do to get it also running. As I do not use vatsim and want to fly with real weather, it is unplayable for me more or less? I am thinking about reinstalling the whole MSFS, maybe this would help? Anyone any idea?
thanks for your answers, good to know that I am not the only one with still this problem.

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