Expedition Alaska 2021


Embark on the adventure of a lifetime that will see you and like-minded pilots journey from the north of the United States through British Colombia and on to the wilderness of Alaska. During this epic journey we will encounter some of the most amazing scenery our planet has to offer.

This event covers over 5,500 statute miles, 30 airports and should take about 4 to 6 months to complete.

It will be hosted on the Got Gravel Discord Server.

Expedition Alaska 2021 is a 100% authentic re-enactment of the actual journey made in 2018 by 17 bush pilots and will follow the original itinerary. Watch the video below of the original expedition for inspiration and to catch the vibe you may expect.


Saturday January 16 @ 1600z

That’ll be the day Expedition Alaska 2021 will depart from Ken Jernstedt (4S2)! Can’t wait…lots to plan still…see you then!

Want to join? Hop over to the Got Gravel Discord Server to check out the details and signup.

There are now two flight groups!

  • West Group: Saturday @ 1600z (America, Europe, etc). I’ll fly this one
  • East Group: Sunday @ 0200z (Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc)

The official Expedition Alaska 2021 decal is out! Works with any Savage Carbon or Grravel livery.

And now there are 3 flight groups, good to have a weekday option added:

  • Group Eagle: Saturday @ 1600z (America, Europe, etc). I’ll fly this one
  • Group Hawk: Sunday @ 0200z (Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc)
  • Group Osprey: Wednesday @ 0400z

Group Eagle will depart on Saturday January 16 with the others following according to the scheduled days above.


Expect an update this week which will support drag & drop community liveries and packages for both the Savage Carbon and Savage Grravel.

It will also include much improved camera setups for both VR and standard displays. This update will accurately simulate the position of the pilot’s eyes for every Quickview angle. The effect is amazing…truly adds to the immersion! It will also include tunes instrument and fixed cameras.

As for Expedition Alaska 2021, so far we have 21 signups already for this epic journey.

Want to join? Check out the Got Gravel Discord Server for details!

@GotGravel Would you be able to post some of the flight plans for this event at World Tour Flights? I imagine Alaska will have some really interesting places to fly.

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One More Week!

…and Expedition Alaska 2021 will depart from Ken Jernstedt (4S2) in 3 separate flight groups on a half year long 5,500 mile journey. Want to join? Head over to the Got Gravel Discord Server and check-in!

From Denali’s summit. Shot by Akflyin. We’ll be sure to drop by here during our expedition!


4th Flight Group Added

Due to the overwhelming response for the EA21 expedition I have split the Eagle group into two:

  • Eagle has been renamed to Golden Eagle, same time @ 1600z.
  • Bald Eagle has been added @ 1300z.

Head to the Got Gravel Discord Server for registration and further details.

The first flight group of Expedition Alaska 2021 departs on January 16!

One Day to Go!

We just reached 60 signups for Expedition Alaska 2021. We’re departing tomorrow, so you still can join! Head over to the Got Gravel Discord Server for details.

Scrap that. We jumped to 69 registrations in the last 17 hours. First flight group departs 4S2 in 7.5 hours! Next group is 3 hours after that, followed by one on Sunday and Wednesday (Europe) / Tuesday (States).

Here’s a nice Expedition Alaska 2021 Leg 2 compilation made by dr.station / izakCunta!

Want to join the Expedition? Hop over to the Got Gravel Discord server for details:

Got Gravel (discord.com)

EA21 Day 11

Route: PAYA - PACV - CKU
IAS: 130-150kts!!
ETE: 2 hours and 5 minutes
MSFS Time: 1700
Weather: Scattered Clouds with the following modifications: Bottom of lowest cloud layer set to 5000 feet
Distance: 265nm!!
Aircraft: Grravel ONLY
Server: West-USA (backup East-USA)

So you’ve made it this far and eagerly anticipate soaking in Alaska’s beauty in the only way it should be done: low and slow. It’s what bush planes are made for. Yeah man, it’s time to throttle back a bit.


Get ready ladies and gentlemen, and ditch that slowness. Grravel’s 230HP can do better! We’re gonna punch it and race today keeping that speed needle thingy in the yellow! Use War Boost if you must but don’t…ever…slow…down!!

Welcome to the ALASKAN CANNONBALL!!!

Yes you heard that right, we’re gonna race from start to finish, all 265nm of it. The longest EA distance so far and it’s gonna be mean. It’s gonna be nasty. Including a short break, can we do this in 2 hours and 5 minutes?

Our parkour gets us started where we touched down last week at the airport of Yukatat (PAYA). We’ll line up on runway 29 and eagerly wait for the start signal.


It’s Full Throttle and there we go, dashing of to the Orcas in Yukatat Bay! After spotting them we immediately bank sharp north making our way into the mountains and around the mighty Malaspina Glacier.

While doing so we’ll be crossing a number of glaciers and encounter some harrowing rocky bends at WP8 and WP9, giving us a brief but impressive glance of the Seward Glacier.

We’ll then execute a 36nm sprint down to WP11 right at the Pacific coast, first over Taan Fiord and then over Icy Bay.

The subsequent stretch to WP12 leads us past impressive exposed geology. Soak it in while you can because we’ll be back into the mountains before you can say “Grravel is fast” ten times, weaving through rocky ridges and over the Guyot, Yaga, Yakataga and Bering glaciers.

We’ll take a 5 minute break at WP-BREAK, which likely means a daring monster flap landing right on top of the Bering Glacier.

Sip a coffee and take a leak, quickly now!


War Boost to full speed and stay low because we will fly dangerously close to the waves between WP20 and WP22 flying along the icy vertical walls of the Bering Glacier mouth itself. Keep your head cool and evade the occasionally falling ice like Han Solo dodging asteroids in the Millenium Falcon.

Pull up at WP22 and head NW towards unspoiled Alaskan marshes and tundra with the sun reflecting beautifully of the numerous lakes and rivers. And perhaps a hungry bear or two.

More mountains, more glaciers! And then…a narrow gorge between WP29 and WP30. Keep punching it and you’ll soon reach Mudhole Airport (PACV) where we’ll do something you secretly always wanted to do ever since you watched Top Gun all those years ago: make those ATC guys spill their coffee! Come’on, dash by that tower as close as you dare and go straight for the finish line at Cordova Municipal Airport (CKU) where Moose Roast will be served!

Fun Fact:

The Malaspina Glacier in southeastern Alaska is the largest piedmont glacier in the world. Situated at the head of the Alaska Panhandle, it is about 65 km wide and 45 km long, with an area of some 3,900 km².

Got Gravel Discord Server

Head to this server if you want to participate in this event.

EA21-Day11.pln (8.7 KB)

Some shots from Expedition Alaska Day 12.

Check out Got Gravel (discord.com) for all the details :slight_smile:

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