Expensive hobby

I read someone commented on addons for other flight sims and how we should save our money and wait for MSFS2020. After several hundred dollars in addons and loving MS2020 right out of the box, I kinda wish I would have taken the advice. I’m guessing I spent at least $500 this year on weather, scenery, and other stuff that I’ll probably never use now.

Well… $500.00 won’t even buy you four hours flight time in a real C152 these days, if you can find an FBO that’s still in business.

For many of us, this has to suffice, especially right now with COVID. I’m glad Flight Sim came along. I’ve got 140 hours logged so far, and I’m sure at least twenty or more were missed because of the bug with the logbook. :slight_smile:

So don’t feel too bad… it’s all for the love of flying after all…

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I think it is generally good if you don’t buy what is advertised immediately and wait and see. In addition, you should always read reviews and always look at them skeptically. You never come too late. Patience is a virtue.

P.S. Write off the money as lessons learned. I can assure you that you got off cheaply :wink:


I was doubtful at first, but I fortunately heeded the advice going around. I’m definitely going to have money issues once the big third party devs start putting out planes. :wink: