Experiencing stuttering, but not everytime. Why?

Yesterday (date unimportant) I flew after adjusting some settings and I flew as smooth as silk. Different planes (C172 to F18 jet) and the view in vr was as smooth as real life. Today, it’s back to stuttering. Why the difference? I changed nothing from yesterday to today? Using Rift S (please, it’s old and all I can afford!) Nvidia 1660Ti, I7 chip, 32 Gig memory, 200 Mbps download speeds, NSI, Oculus Tray tool, openxr, and a lot of tweaking.

Any Thoughts?

well if you use live traffic and live weather, conditions will vary all the time, and there
can also be server issues, maybe in weekends more people flying?

I appreciate the response. But, I was flying Friday Evening when it was perfect, and Saturday early morning when it started its stutters again…Not sure internet traffic is the problem.

I have the same problem, :sob: :broken_heart:

I share this experience. I can get in a lot of smooth stutter-free time but some days hiccups happen where they weren’t happening before. I think this is indicative of a server-side problem, a data-en-route problem, or both.


Seems to happen most when I am in a new part of the world and scenery is being cached. Once I’ve been there for awhile, it improves.

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