Experimenting micro stuttering with oculus Rift (1st generation)

Hey guys,

I’ve experimenting micro stuttering with my oculus Rift, and I don’t understand why.
I have i7-11700k with an RTX 3700 16Go and 32 Go RAM. Whether i’m in low graphics or high, whether i’m in internationnal airport or a little airport, I’ve experencing exactly the same micro stutters when I looked on the ground while flying.
According the FPS display (of flight simulator dev mode), i’m at a perfect 45 fps 99% of time and few drop sometimes. I’m limited by the main thread.
To try to play correctly I set my ASW at 18HZ !!! I tried Dx12, but caused a CTD when I switched to VR mode (even with last Nvidia drivers).

Is there something wrong with occulus rift 1st generation ?

In the same time, When I look my flat screen and into my VR headset don’t see micro stuttering on the flat screen (in render VR mode in this case). Why ?

Thanks you !!!

I’ve just reconnected and set up my original Rift CV1 to play a particular game where my other headsets have issues.

I can give it a try in the sim and see how it goes (my Index and Quest 2 performances in-sim are good).

I’ll let you know how it goes - might be a couple of days.

I’m sorry to say that my experience during my flight was no different to using Index and Quest 2 - except I’d forgotten how great the Rift CV1 audio is!

There were a few “stutters” (not repeat - so not really stutters, but just single instant pauses at longer intervals than what I would call a ‘stutter’) on the first take-off, but once I was at 500ft it was as smooth as my other headsets. Also such stutter or pauses were not present when I landed.

I flew the default Pilatus PC-6 from Cardiff EGFF runway 30, circled around the north of St Athan at 1500ft and landed on runway 07 there (EGDX) with live weather.

My settings are first setting the default VR setting button, then changes as shown in the screens below. I’m not using any external tweaking utes such as OTT etc - though now I’ve experienced how good it is - far better than I was expecting - with OLED, I’ll do more flying with it and use ODT to increase the resolution.

My hardware:

Intel i5 9600k @ 4.5GHz
32GB DDR4 4200MHz
GA D390 mobo
Windows 10 Home 64 on a Crucial CT525 SSD
FS2020 on a cheap Drevo X1 1TB SSD
Zotac RTX 2080Ti

Screens show all, including basic PC settings and Data settings. I tried to check fpsVR but couldn’t as I was using Oculus Home and their API rather than SteamVR or its OpenVR alternative )which fpsVR slapped my hand for trying!).

When I tried it with Oculus (or Meta) and SteamVR running, I did get non-stop stutters.

Might add that I use the Steam install of FS.

Hi Johnny,

First of all thanks you for your suggestion.
On my side, your configuration is quite similar.

I have found a better configuration with Retrojection ON and ASW totally OFF.
The stutterings seems to be sharpess.

I think I have a problem with the refresh rate of screen or something like that, because on my Flat screen the VR representation is totally smooth, but in the headset not.

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I’d like to take the time to thank you for this tip. This has helped me tremendously!

Almost no micro stutter anymore with ASW OFF in OTT and Reprojection to “motion and depth” in the sim.

i’m running at 1.6 super sampling in OTT and it’s pretty decent for my setup.


I’m getting cloud flickering pretty consistently on the Rift S since SU10. Only on the horizon. Steam PC version. I’m getting the same exact thing in XP12, as well, if that has anything to do with it.

I know this thread is old, but on my side with my CV1 the options that did most changes and help the shutter etc. (mainly testing over Montreal downtowm, close to CYUL which is where i mainly fly often, but using that place to test as it has lots of trees, of buldings, water (so test reflection stuff etc, clouds…) so lots going on in that area.

Anyways in the Sim, Terrain of details is one major affecting and found out that setting it to 30 gave me a good distance redraw and helps a lot performance, then Texture Resolution to High, in OTT, for ASW the best perfomance i had was to set it up at 30 fps, setting it to 45 fps or forced 45 makes it shuttering, but 30 fps is perfect. and SS to 1.7. With these, most other option are either set to high in the sim or some ultra like the clouds.

I am fine as low as 500-600 ft over most cities, with sometimes some microstutter, but mostly when i look directly below me, flying fast but mostly happens when i move my head too fast in those conditions but basicly, pretty satisfied, though i am close to order a Reverb G2.

If interested, below my settings for in game’s graphics and traffic settings, OTT, Nvidia control panel…


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