Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600

Not true all the planes support this now. The CRJ and this plane are the oddballs here. Trust me I work with all these developers and they all have these issues sorted now. You can listen or don’t but saying that this is the norm is entirely false. These are all stock functions and have been for a very long time. Proper devs will have already noted these and worked around them to not conflict with anything as they are base sdk functions. Just so happens this plane and the CRJ really exaggerate the need for them too.


Sorry for that

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Yeah I wasn’t talking about copyright or legalities in that regard, I was more referring to the economic advantage Asobo has.

Milviz already got drew the short straw when Asobo released the PC-6 for free. However poor it is, its a product that definitely undercutted the Milviz version. To many players, its one less payware to buy. There’s nothing wrong with that legally, happens in all industries, its just tough to witness and obviously tough to see as the dev. Happened with Big Radials too without their knowledge.

Luckily Milviz cut their losses with the ATR and put it on ice indefinitely when more info about this ATR came out. But they’ve noted they need $30K+ worth of work put into it, is that worth continuing now for one thats out there, available to everyone on all platforms, first-party published, and cheap? They’ve mentioned they might spin it back up based on reception, but I doubt a lack-lustre mid-tier $20 version (as it is right now) is incentive enough for them to continue with it since the market is/will be saturated with it. Unless they price is like the old days, $100+ knowing the volume will be much lower.

For myself, I’d LOVE to see the Q400 and very excited to what Majestic does, eventually… but if lets say, next week they announce a Q400 by Hans, or even dare I say… Carenado… -_- then like I said above, the prices will drive back up by the devs who actually give a ■■■■ (or they’ll cancel projects / close up shop) and we’ll have more of a divide with $20 toys and $120+ “hobby” grade stuff.

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Thank you!! :pray:

I have struggled with this issue for hours! I was not able to move the condition levers with the mouse, they immediately returned to the original position. It turned out that I had propeller left axis assigned to my left throttle for unknow reason. I removed it but not until I restarted the flight it worked!

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I think the low price indicates that Asobo/MS themselves knew the product had issues that could not be resolved due to the deadline and maybe other factors, since the plane also seemed to be in development for longer than expected.

Setting this low price is the perfect solution in my opinion. Yes, some will still be bitterly disappointed because of high hopes set but most of us feel the plane delivers enough value at its price point.

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There’s a lot of good information at the end of the 80R Milviz thread. That’s where all the information I communicated came from, why Milviz changed the name of the thread and what their intentions are regarding the product. They absolutely can release a product. The issues are mostly economic for them whether choose to develop one.


We need some sort of manual just to help us novices!!


Scroll up…

The a310 came with a fantastic video tutorial from inibuilds

U have never used FENIX or PMDG i guess then? It depends on what keybinds you talk about exactly. But you are pretty vague…

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I fly all the PMDG birds fine. The only PMDG bird that doesnt support the Asobo keys is the DC6 because I wasn’t debugging it for them back then :wink:


Hello Jaguar,

I assume you fly an ATR, is that correct?

Do you know at what speeds the rudder pedals become fully effective?

Right now, I find it unrealistic. Even with an axis assigned to the Nosewheel steering (I have a separate tiller), the rudder pedals are still just as effective, I can turn the aircraft around its own axis using the rudders, which should not be the case. The rudder should only gradually become effective as speed increases.

Do you happen to know when does it become fully effective?

I think you quoted the wrong person lol, fyi.

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I have a slight issue with ATR - I am not a hard core simmer, more like a casual player so I don’t expect much from this plane.
However, both ATR versions seem to be constantly banking to the left.
No matter how I distribute fuel and/or weight, they just veer to the left all the time.
My X52 is calibrated and every other plane behaves fine.

Is there some other setting I am missing that might be causing this?

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Not sure if this was asked, but does the VNAV work?

Which one is the real one out of these? In terms of colour etc, as it’s been discussed lively!


VNAV in the ATR is advisory only.

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Lol, apologies!

It’s not, it’s coupled but there are a few known issues with it. It does work sometimes, though.

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thank you sir