Exploring England | Cessna 172

Join us Wednesday night as we explore the sights in southern England, including Southhampton and Stonehenge.

When: Wed Feb 17th @ 7PM ET/midnight Zulu
:point_right: Voice Channel on Discord β†’ Discord
:point_right: Stream link to follow along β†’ πŸ”΄ Exploring England | Cessna 172 | World Update 3: UK & I | MSFS2020 Multiplayer Event - YouTube

Plane: Cessna 172
Duration: About 2 hours

TUTORIAL: How To Join A Community Event


The flight plan is located in the Discord under #events. :point_right: Discord

To use the flight plan, follow these steps:

-Download the flight plan to an easy-to-remember location
-Open MSFS
-Go to the globe
-Click β€œLoad/Save” on the bottom of your screen
-Click β€œLoad”
-Navigate to the downloaded flight plan
-Click load.

We will use custom weather.

Please adhere to the following settings so you can see everyone / be seen by everyone.

Variable - Setting
Multiplayer All
Live traffic As desired
Weather Live or Few Clouds

To communicate with others, a voice channel on the "Sizzling Nation Discord” at https://discord.gg/r5tmFRs will be available to join. You can also follow along through the YouTube stream: πŸ”΄ Exploring England | Cessna 172 | World Update 3: UK & I | MSFS2020 Multiplayer Event - YouTube.

It is advised in this flight to turn off both aircraft collisions and terrain collisions. If you do crash, you can use the β€œslew” mode to join the pack.

This is event is open to everyone of all skill levels and is meant to be a fun event to meet other sim pilots.


Thanks for putting this together! It was a fantastic first flight for me and I was blown away how beautiful the country is. Will definitely love to go back up with you guys again. - DurkaDurka

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Glad to have you join! It was a lot of fun! Liked how the timing and the clocks worked out. We’re off to Northern Ireland and Ireland tomorrow night in the TBM 930.