Exploring the world in the Beechcraft Bonanza

Leg 193, Rotuma, Fiji via Wallis and Futunu to Vava’u, Tonga

DAY03_03.PLN (7.8 KB)

Long flight with plenty autopilot brakes. So many islands in the South Pacific, far more airports around than I thought there were. And many many more uninhabited islands. I now see how you can stay lost in a shipwreck despite all our technology, too many places to look.

03-02 Rotuma NFNR 304nm next 3:17 PM
03-02 Point Vele NLWF 5:11 PM Trees in the way
03-02 Alo NLAO 6:19 PM
03-02 Alo NLAL 6:31 PM
03-02 Kaibu Island NFKB 6:41 PM
03-02 Labasa NFNL 7:20 PM
Bad performance down to 5fps restart
03-02 Labasa NFNL 7:27 PM
03-02 Savusavu NFNS 7:36 PM
03-02 Koro Island NFNO 7:49 PM
03-02 Levuka Airfield NFNB 8:08 PM Trees at end of runway
03-02 Nausori Intl NFNA Suva Capital 8:20 PM
03-02 Taunovo Airstrip NFSU 8:37 PM
03-02 Vatukoula NFNV 8:57 PM
03-02 Yasawa Island NFSW 9:19 PM
03-02 Mana Island NFMA 9:42 PM half the runway missing
03-02 Malolo Lailai Island NFFO 9:52 PM
03-02 Nadi Intl NFFN 9:59 PM
03-02 Vatulele NFVL 242nm next 10:18 PM 35 knot tailwind GS 228
03-02 Ono-i-Lau NFOL 204nm next 11:37 PM
03-03 Fua’amotu Intl NFTF 12:43 AM
03-03 Ha’apai-Lifuka NFTL Mutiny on the Bounty 1:20 AM Virtual vision landing
03-03 Vava’u NFTV 1:49 AM Virtual vision landing, narrowly nasty cross wind

Flight time 10:25 20 stops

Departure from Rotuma

Futuna Island with Alofie Island in the distance part of Wallis and Futuna

Arriving at Point Vele Airport on Futuna Island

One of those dream islands

Flying on to Alo, Fiji

Lots of islands scattered along the way

Landing on an unnamed Island (on Google and Bing anyway) Eastern Division Fiji

Alo Airport NLAO unknown island

Mago Island

Alo Aiport NLAL in the middle of Mago Island

Kaibu Island, intermittent lightning along the way

Kabu Island Airport, probably belongs to Vatuvara Private Islands Resort

Taveunni Island, located across the 180th meredian

That big tear is exactly at 180 degrees East and West, height data is incorrect on the NA side

Clouds rush in to hide the errors

Labasa Airport on Vanua Levu island, beneath the low hanging clouds

Savusavu Airport on Vanua Levu

Big island, popular destination

Lonovi Island

Landing at Levuka Airfield

Nausori International Airport, Naselai, Nasilai, Fiji

Suva, the capital of the South Pacific island nation of Fiji

Views of Suva from Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

Sacred Heart Cathedral and Thurston Garden Clock Tower in Suva

A peak in Fuji Museum

Flying over Queens road leading to Nabukavesi

Taunovo Airstrip

Koroyanitu National Park

Vatukoala approach

Yasawa Island

Where you can go for a swim in the Sawa-i-Lau caves

Tavua island in the middle of a group of islands

Malolo island

Malolo Lailai Island

Touchdown at Malolo Lailai Island Airport

Vatulele island

It’s a long island

With a rough coast line

On the way to Oni-i-Lau with a 35 knot tailwind, 228 knots ground speed


The airport

That was the last of Fiji for me, heading to Tonga next

The weather is getting worse, showers all around

It’s starting to get late as well


Fua’amotu International Airport

Nuku’alofa Royal Palace, Free Church and Ha’amonga 'a Maui Trilitho, huge structure made of 3 coral limestone slabs, said to have been built by the demigod Maui

Mapu’s Vaea Blowholes, the 3 Headed Coconut and Anahula Cave on Tongatapu

Tonga is still getting more islands

Starting to get dark on the way to Ha’apai-Lifuka

Eerie sunset, just a sliver of sun on the horizon

So dark now, with bright flashes now and then

Ha’apai-Lifuka Airport, after using the 3D view screen to land

Here is where mutiny on the Bounty occurred in 1789 & Captain Bligh was set adrift

One more island, Vava’u, only visible in ‘flash photography’

Vava’u Airport, so dark

At least this will be waiting for me in the morning

Leg 194, Vava’u, Tonga via Samoa and American Samoa to Avarua, Cook Islands

DAY03_04.PLN (4.1 KB)

Long flights between islands, plenty time to read up on locations and do some GT Sport in between. Clear sky over nothing but water doesn’t hold my attention very long. Props to those doing world tours without autopilot!

First up today, Tuasavi on Samao

Salelologa, a bit further South down the coast

Maota Airport next to Salelologa

Apia, the capital of Samoa on the next island over

Fagali Airport, nice place to land

Apia Town Clock Tower and the view from Papaseea Sliding Rocks, a natural water slide

A peak in the museum of Samoa

Not a big collection, cozy little museum

Also here Palolo Deep Marine Reserve, great place to enjoy the beauty underwater

Papo Pago International Airport on American Samoa

Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa, a string of coastal villages on Tutuila Island

Pago Pago Harbor

Jean P Haydon Museum and Blunts Point Battery, part of the fortifications made in the early 40’s to defend American Samoa from Japanese invasion. It never needed to be used.

Ofu Island

Landing at Ofu Airport

Ta‘ū island, one of the Manu‘a Islands in American Samoa

Landing at Fitiuta also known as Fiti’uta or Maia, a village on the northeast coast

Leaving Samao behind, setting course to the Cook Islands

Pakapuka, part of the Cook Islands

Not bad a bd place to spend some time

Flying on to Manihiki

Manikhiki Atoll

Landing at Manihiki Airport at Tukao

Dream like blue water

It’s getting late already, one long leg left today

On to Avarua, or so I thought

Watching the sun go down, always spectacular in the clouds

Now it’s getting dark fast

Still a long way to go by star light

Landing at Avarua Airport, or is it

Today I found out it’s actually Aitutaki Airport

Where did I drop my map!

Tomorrow to the real Avarua, or at least it’s a district and harbor on Rarotonga. No Avarua Airport in existence according to Google maps.

Are you ACARS certified?

No, I had to look up what ACARS stands for. I’ve only been a passenger on jets, that’s as far as my flying experience goes. I’m just winging it :slight_smile:

I was joking

Leg 195, Avarua, Cook Islands to Huahine, French Polynesia

DAY03_05.PLN (3.8 KB)

More long flights over open water, auto pilot while racing at Sarthe in the Mazda 787B (GT Sport) This Bonanza has excellent wifi over the pacific!

03-04 Avarua NCAI 5:01 PM
03-04 Rarotonga Intl NCRG 5:52 PM
03-04 Enua NCAT 6:35 PM
03-04 Mitiaro NCMR 6:49 PM 387nm next
03-04 Rurutu NTAR 8:55 PM Humpback whales
03-04 Tubuai NTAT 9:38 PM 349nm next
03-04 Faaa NTAA 11:38 PM
03-04 Temae NTTM 11:46 PM
03-05 Fare NTTH 12:25 AM

Flight time 7:24 8 stops

Departing from Aitutaki, not the place I expected to be after the lights came on. FS2020 tricked me with the (incorrect) name of the airport.

Aitutaki Island

50 minutes later, Rarotonga island, where I thought I landed last night

Rarotonga Port and Te Rua Manga (The Needle)

The Needle is not visible in game unfortunately, odd rock sticking out

Cook islands library and museum, one of the smallest

There is a bigger National museum as well, also part library

Enua Aiport on Atiu Island

Mitiaro Island

Mitiaro Airport

Very remote, not much info

Onwards to Rurutu

2 hours later, Rurutu Airport

Mauo Point

Mauo Point on the left

At Rurutu you can swim with the humpback whales who over winter here from mid July to October

Tubuai Airport

Tupua’i at the base of an unnamed mountain peak


It’s another 2 hour flight to Tahiti

Tahiti just after sunset, the largest island of French Polynesia

Mount 'Orohena (7,300ft) the tallest mountain in Frence Polynesia

Quite dramatic in real life as well

Papa’ete, the capital of French Polynesia behind the airport

Fa’a’ā International Airport


Robert Wan Pearl Museum

Tahiti is famous for its black pearls

Short hop over to Moorea-Maiao

Tamae Airport

It really gets dark here, no moon out yet

Day time view

I can’t resist, one more stop

Moorea-Maiao with boosted exposure, Tahiti behind

Last stop today Huahine, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what it looks like

Little glitch, the glide scope lights are based on the camera position. From my plane’s point of view it’s 2 white 2 red lights. Up ‘here’ all white.

Bora-Bora tomorrow and the rest of French Polynesia

Leg 196, Huahine to Atuona, Hiva Oa island, French Polynesia

DAY03_06.PLN (6.4 KB)

Long day of flying, a lot on auto pilot over water. French Polynesia is huge. I never knew there were so many atolls in the South Pacific. This whole leg and part of the previous one is all French Polynesia.

03-05 Fare NTTH 12:37 PM
03-05 Uturoa NTTR 12:51 PM
03-05 Motu Mute NTTB 1:14 PM
03-05 Tupai NTTU 1:29 PM 219nm next
03-05 Tikehau NTGC 2:47 PM
03-05 Rangiroa NTTG 3:06 PM
03-05 Ahe NTHE 3:37 PM
03-05 Manihi NTGI 3:44 PM
03-05 Apataki NTGD 4:15 PM
03-05 Kaukura NTGK 4:27 PM
03-05 Niau NTKN 4:45 PM
03-05 Fakarava NTGF 5:03 PM
03-05 Aratika NTGR 5:17 PM
03-05 Makemo NTGM 6:05 PM 417nm next
03-05 Mururoa NTTX 8:26 PM
Game bahaving weird, overly sensitive, was very sluggish before descent, restart
03-05 Mururoa NTTX 8:33 PM 230nm next
03-05 Totegegie NTGJ 9:58 PM 833nm next min 11.26 nmpg 20% mixture
20% mixture FL75 55F IAS 144 GS 163 slight headwind
21% mixture FL75 55F 2441 rpm IAS 146 GS 164 slight headwind 711.0 lt 28.75
21% mixture FL75 55F 2441 rpm IAS 146 GS 166 no wind data 598.0 lt 19.76 12.6 nmpg
21% mixture FL75 55F 2700 rpm IAS 151 GS 171 slight tailwind 494.0 rt 40.00
21% mixture FL75 55F 2700 rpm IAS 151 GS 175 more tailwind 233.0 rt 18.84 12.3 nmpg
03-06 Atuona NTMN 2:59 AM 67.75 gallons used 12.3 nmpg

Flight time 14:29 16 stops

Light rain at departure from Fare

Flying by a non existent peak on Huahine

It’s probably Mont Turi (2,195ft), but it’s not quite that tall in reality

Swooping by Maro’e Bay before heading to Raiatea

Raiatea island

Aéroport de Raiatea in Uturoa

Pretty island, they all are in the South Pacific

Taha’a with Mont Ohiri (1,834ft)

Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa

Bora Bora, made my jaw drop, best looking island yet in FS2020

The dramatic skies and excellent water masking make it stand out

Piti Aau, home to resorts with rooms on stilts over turquoise waters

Mount Pahia (2,385ft) on Bora Bora

Bora Bora Airport on Mute island

Ready for touch down. Eyes on the runway now, it’s a tough ask

For once, I actually prefer the in game visuals

Not that this doesn’t totally look like a bucket list holiday destination

On to the next island, Tupai

Not all that far from Bora Bora

Tupai Airport, oddly perpendicular to the island

Better view, straight across

The runway is always longer than it seems from the air

Flying on to Tikehau

The weather cleared up along the way, Tikehau island and atoll

Tikehau airport approach

What a strange landscape, remnants of a volcano sustained by coral reefs

Rangiroa to the east of Tikehau

Le Lagon Blue

Or rather the blue lagoon

Rangiroa Airport

Ahe Island, terrain quality is degrading away from Bora Bora

Manihi Airport on Manihi island

According to the sign here I’m already 900 km from Bora Bora


Kaukura, grass and water

Tupana on Niau, more land survived from this ancient volcano

Fakavara island with Topaka Lighthouse

Aratika island

There are atolls everywhere along this latitude

Here’s the experience on one of the remote atolls

Approaching Makemo, 69km long atoll

Makemo airport, also just grass and water

These lagoons are so blue and crystal clear

Departing Makemo

For a long flight to Mururoa

Which had very bad terrain data and only 1 picture on google maps, on to Totegegie

Arriving at the Gambier islands

Mangareva island

View from Mount Duff (1,447ft) on Mangareva

Also here, Cathedral of St Michael Rikitea and Couvent de Rouru

Rouru Convent, which once housed 60 nuns, is quickly becoming engulfed by weeds. It’s said that Laval hid the entire female population of the island in the convent whenever whaling ships paid a visit.

Totegie in sight

Totegie Airport

Diving at Aukena nearby

Totegie departure, for one more very long flight

To Atuona in the Marquesas Islands

Time to enjoy the sunset

And then it’s navigating in the dark

5 hours after leaving Totegie, Atuona airport located

No runway lights, virtual vision landing with a crosswind, tricky. All’s well that ends well.

Atuona is home to Jacques Brel’s museum who is buried on the island

On the right Tiki Souriant, Spirited away!

Jaques Brel (1929-1978) famous Belgian singer, songwriter, actor and director

Also buried here, Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) who spend his final days on Atuona

Wow, I did not expect to find that out here.

More long flights tomorrow, maybe I can reach Hawaii. I departed at 10AM this Saturday morning, currently flying an 1200nm stretch with another 910nm stretch this evening to reach Hawaii.

Leg 197, Atuona, French Polynesia via Republic of Kiribati to Pahala, Hawaii

DAY03_07.PLN (3.9 KB)

The longest leg yet, 2,523 NM, with the longest single stretch, nearly 1200 NM, pushing the limits of the Bonanza.

03-06 Atuona NTMN 10:00 AM
03-06 Ua Pou NTMP 10:28 AM
03-06 Ua-Huka NTMU 10:47 AM
03-06 Nuku-Hiva NTMD 11:09 AM 1196nm next min 16.16 nmpg
17% mixture FL75 55F 2426 rpm IAS 126 TAS 142 GS 154 1162.0 rt 40.00 14 knot tailwind
17% mixture FL75 55F 2426 rpm IAS 127 TAS 144 GS 157 827.0 rt 23.98 15 knot tailwind 20.9 nmpg
17% mixture FL75 55F 2426 rpm IAS 127 TAS 144 GS 157 823.0 lt 36.60 15 knot tailwind
17% mixture FL75 55F 2426 rpm IAS 128 TAS 145 GS 155 299.0 lt 11.65 11 knot tailwind 21.0 nmpg
18% mixture FL75 55F 2426 rpm IAS 137 TAS 155 GS 164 292.0 rt 23.77 11 knot tailwind
18% mixture FL75 55F 2426 rpm IAS 137 TAS 155 GS 166 120.0 rt 14.10 14 knot tailwind 17.8 nmpg
03-06 Banana Village PLBA 6:48 PM 62.02 gallons used, 19.3 nmpg, 156.3 knots
03-06 Cassidy Intl PLCH 6:57 PM
03-06 Tabuaeran Island PLFA 7:55 PM
03-06 Washington Island Airstrip PLWN 8:38 PM 2 attempts 910nm next min 12.3 nmpg
19% mixture FL120 40F 2436 rpm IAS 132 TAS 160 GS 151 862.0 rt 40.00 16 knot headwind
19% mixture FL120 40F 2436 rpm IAS 132 TAS 160 GS 153 735.0 rt 30.00 12 knot headwind 12.7 nmpg
19% mixture FL120 40F 2436 rpm IAS 132 TAS 161 GS 157 660.0 rt 24.25 10 knot crosswind 13.0 nmpg
19% mixture FL120 40F 2436 rpm IAS 132 TAS 161 GS 157 660.0 lt 33.75 10 knot crosswind
19% mixture FL120 39F 2436 rpm IAS 132 TAS 160 GS 161 579.0 lt 27.70 7 knot crosswind 13.4 nmpg
19% mixture FL120 41F 2436 rpm IAS 133 TAS 161 GS 171 419.0 lt 16.21 10 knot tailwind 13.9 nmpg
Divert to Pahala Aistrip HI28 (no data for Kaalaika HI25)
19% mixture FL120 41F 2436 rpm IAS 133 TAS 161 GS 184 379.0 rt 20.79 27 knot tailwind
19% mixture FL120 41F 2436 rpm IAS 133 TAS 162 GS 183 217.0 rt 10.98 30 knot half tailwind 16.5 nmpg
19% mixture FL120 41F 2436 rpm IAS 133 TAS 162 GS 183 217.0 lt 15.90 30 knot half tailwind
19% mixture FL120 41F 2436 rpm IAS 134 TAS 163 GS 171 120.0 lt 9.37 19 knot crosswind 14.9 nmpg
03-07 Pahala Airstrip HI28 2:33 AM 67.5 gallons used, 917nm, 13.6 nmpg, 155.0 knots

Flight time 16:33 8 stops

Departure from Atuona at dawn

Climbing over an the unnamed mountain on Hiva Oa, to 3,000 ft

Hanaui Bay on the other side of the island


Approaching Ua Pou

Hakahau, main village and port of the island of Ua Pou

Sunrise over Ua Pou

Aneou Airstrip

Beautiful approach in the morning sun

Ua Pou and the airstrip at Aneou

Leaving Uo Pou on to Ua-Huka

Ua-Huka island

Ua Huka Airport

So different island to island


Anaho bay

Nuku Hiva Airport

Nuku Hiva with Tiki Tuhiva in the middle and Vaipo Waterfall on the right

Nuku Hiva departure, 7.5 hour flight ahead

7,500ft cruising altitude at 17% fuel mixture and 2426 rpm, giving me over 10h flight time

More than enough with 11 knot tailwind speeding me up to 154 knots ground speed

Checking back in a couple hours later, tailwind increased, now going 157 knots

Managing around 21 nautical miles per gallon, 1,500 nm range

Another couple hours later, increased the mixture to 18%

164 knots ground speed, slightly less tailwind

Got to check all the instruments new and then :crazy_face: purring along nicely

Kiritimati in sight, on the display that is

Kiritimati island part of the Republic of Kiribati

Landing at Aeon Field military airfield, called Banana village in game

Flight time 7:39, 1196nm, 62.02 gallons used, avg 19.3 nautical miles per gallon at 156.3 knots

Kiritimati island is a strange place

Cassidy International Airport

The Republic of Kiribati is a drowning paradise

The weather is turning on me on the way to Tabueran Island

Hmm, rather tumultuous out here

Down to 300ft to catch a glimpse of Tabueran

A little break over the lagoon

Gnarly landing in a thunderstorm on the chalk outline airstrip

In better weather

If I had a license it would be revoked for attempting to take off in this

It took a while to climb above the clouds

Just in time to start my descent down to Washington Island

Ahh, that’s where those upside down rainbows in Death Stranding come from

Washington Island, down to 300ft again to get a glimpse

The airstrip, the thunderstorm rages on

Another gnarly landing, skidding over the runway. Luckily it’s a wide one

Wind, very wet runway, I did the equivalent of a hand brake turn to turn around, unintentionally

Perfect weather for a long distance flight to Hawaii…

Climbing to 12,000ft to stay out of the clouds

Barely high enough but I don’t want to go higher and risk icing

Some wispy clouds up here, no problem, settling in at FL120, 19% mixture

Slight headwind this time, 151 ground speed despite burning more fuel, just over 6 hour range

The winds changed in my favor, speeding up to 161 knots ground speed

Another cloud layer appeared above me, lightning all around

It’s getting darker, keeping my eyes peeled to catch the sunset

There it is, briefly showing up between the cloud layers

Still a long way to go, it’s going to be dark very soon

Into the night, still flashes all around

There she is, island of Hawi’i aka the big island

Pahala Airstrip Approach, this will be landing by screen again

Pahala Airstrip, safely on the ground

5:55 flight time, 917nm, 67.5 gallons used, on average 13.6 nautical miles per gallon at 155.0 knots

It is theoretically possible to reach LA in the Bonanza from here, in game that is. By (ab)using the ground effect and quirks of running with ultra lean fuel
That only works with calm water, no waves for a 21 hour flight to cover the distance at avg 100 knots.

1200nm already wasn’t realistic for the Bonanza (rated 920nm range) but thanks to the quirks of running leaner fuel mixture without the danger of overheating the virtual engine it works. However I’ll be heading back west after exploring Hawaii and cross over to North America via Alaska later.

Leg 198, Pahala, Hawaii via French Frigate Shoals to Midway Atoll

DAY03_08.PLN (12.1 KB)

Long day of exploring, Hawaii in 7 hours then a couple long autopilot flights back west. Hawaii is very pretty in game bar some compromised patches due to clouds. The active volcano is missing yet the dramatic coast of Kauai turned out pretty well.

03-07 Pahala Aistrip HI28 11:30 AM
03-07 Hawaiian Paradise Park PHHA 11:55 AM Short runway, dodge the trees
03-07 Mountain View Airstrip HI23 12:01 PM Short runway, buildings at both ends
03-07 Hilo Intl PHTO 12:09 PM
03-07 Pepeekeo Airstrip HI32 12:20 PM Short runway, trees at end of ‘runway’
03-07 Upper Paauilo Airstrip HI27 12:29 PM Short runway Observatory x2 19°48’6"N, 155°27’20"W
03-07 Bradshaw Army Airfield PHSF 12:57 PM
03-07 Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl At K PHKO 1:09 PM
03-07 Puu Waa Waa Ranch HI13 1:18 PM
03-07 Waumea-Kohala PHMU 1:27 PM
03-07 Opolu PHUP 1:41 PM
03-07 Hana PHHN 1:58 PM
03-07 Kahului PHOG 2:22 PM
03-07 Kapalua PHJH 2:33 PM
03-07 Lanai PHNY 2:43 PM
03-07 Brandt Field 18HI 3:12 PM
Break time, no long flights!
03-07 Brandt Field 18HI 5:26 PM
03-07 Kalaupap Apt. PHLU 5:34 PM Trees at end of runway
03-07 Molokai PHMK 5:40 PM
03-07 Panda HI49 5:48 PM
03-07 Kaneohe Bay MCAS (Marion E Carl Field) PHNG 6:04 PM
03-07 Bellows Air Field 21°21’17"N 157°43’9"W 6:12 PM Cemetery 21°18’49"N, 157°50’40"W
03-07 Honolulu Intl PHNL 6:46 PM Pearl Harbor Memorial 21°21’53"N, 157°56’60"W
03-07 Ford Island NALF NPS 7:02 PM
03-07 Kalaeloa (John Rodgers Field) PHJR 7:09 PM
03-07 Wheeler Aaf PHHI 7:18 PM
03-07 Dillingham Airfield PHDH 7:25 PM
03-07 Princeville HI01 7:56 PM
03-07 Hanamaulu Airstrip HI03 8:07 PM Hard to find
03-07 Lihue PHLI 8:11 PM
03-07 HI 23 Airstrip HI46 8:15 PM
03-07 Port Allen PHPA 8:19 PM
03-07 Barking Sands Pmrf PHBK 8:26 PM 376nm next 20 to 23 knot tailwind
03-07 Tern I. PHFS 10:31 PM 652nm next 21 knot tailwind
03-08 Henderson Field PMDY 1:52 AM

Flight time 5:08 33 stops

Early departure from Pahala Airstrip

Right at sunrise

Flying over the lava fields at Kīpuka Pepeiao

To climb up Mauna Loa (13,678ft)

Mauna Loa is the largest volcano in the world, last erupted in 1984

A bit back down the mountain slope is a currently active volcano, Kilauea, footage from Januari

Not much to see in game, just a grey depression in the terrain

Hilo on the North-East side of the big island

The boiling pots in Wailuku river

Boiling pots park

Next climbing up Mauna Kea (13,802ft) higher than Mauna Loa and highest point in the state of Hawaiʻi

Back the other way and around to gain height

Plenty time to check out all the vents

And the traces the lava flows have left behind

Gemini observatory at the peak (the one on the far right)

Flying over the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope

SUBARU Telescope National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

I’ll leave the astronomers to their work now, is it a bird, is it a ufo, no it was a Bonanza

Puu Waa Waa Ranch in Pu’u Wa’awa’a Cinder Cone State Park

Landing at Waumea-Kohala on the northwest side of the big island

Kohala Mountain with Kohala Forest Reserve behind

Pu’u O Umi Natural Area Reserve

Opolu Airport at the northwest tip of the big island

Arriving at Hana Airport on Maui

Hanakauhi (8,907ft)

Halali’i next to Kawilinau (Bottomless Pit)

Haupa‘akea Peak (9,147ft)

Red Hill Haleakala

Kahului on the nortwest side of Maui

Puʻu Kukui (5,788ft) in West Maui Forest Reserve

West Maui Forest Reserve

Kapalua at the northwest tip of Maui

Kamakou (4,961ft) in Molokaʻi Forest Reserve

Molokaʻi Forest Reserve features lots of steep cliffs and waterfalls

Pulling some g’s through Wailau Valley

Brandt field on the eastern side if Moloka’i

Good time for a break

The weather changed after my break, some light rain moved in

It was just a local shower, back out in the sun flying past Pu‘uka‘ōkū Falls

Pelekunu Preserve

Kalaupap Airport next to Kalaupapa National Historical Park


Landing at Panda ‘Airport’ along Pohakuloa Rd

Kailua on the east coast of the island of O’ahu

I recognize a lot on this island from my time with Test Drive Unlimited

Mokapu on Kailua Bay

Lanikai Beach, I so wish I could jump out into that lovely blue water

Landing at Bellows Air Force station

Not a listed airport in game, all closed and degraded

Bellows field, old air force bases

Koko crater on the outskirts of Honolulu, the capital of the former Kingdom of Hawaii

The Hawaiian kingdom lasted from 1795 until Hawaii was annexed by the US in 1898. The Native Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their inherent sovereignty, overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii occurred with the active participation of agents and citizens of the United States.

The desire for independence is still there

Most of my ‘exposure’ to Hawaii came from Dog the bounty hunter :confused: based in Honolulu

Meanwhile flying on to Hanauma Bay

Diomand head

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific on a hill in Honolulu

Queen Liliuokalani Fwy, I remember this crossing well from TDU for the Explorer achievement

I tried flying under all those bridges (of course), however the one on the far right is too low with the water bulging up from height errors. Almost possible.

Honolulu, that tunnel was rough in TDU, angular slope transitions don’t work well with race cars!

Iolani Palace, 19th-century home of Hawaii’s last monarchs

A look inside Bishop Museum

Pearl harbor, bombed by Japan in 1941 dragging the USA into WW2

USS Arizona historic marker

Unfortunately the Battleship Missouri Memorial behind is just a flat half drowned texture

Wheeler Army Airfield

Ka’ena Point, western tip of O’ahu

Moloaa Forest Reserve on Kauai


The confusingly named HI 23 Airstrip with IOAC code HI46

Along the Awa’awapuhi Trail

Nā Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

Hono’Onapali Natural Reserve Area with Crawler’s Ledge down at the coast

Unbelievable coast line

2 hours later, Tern Island, part of the French Frigate Shoals

Deserted, home to many birds looking for a place to use their legs

Back rest down, head on the window ledge, time for a little snooze while the sun slowly sinks

Chasing the sun, a race I will lose

It does feel a lot longer for the sun to set heading west

But falling behind is inevitable

Midway Atoll with runway lights!

Final stop today, Midway Island, United States Minor Outlying Islands

It’s a wildlife sanctuary nowadays with a couple WW2 memorials

Midway hosts the largest Albatross colony on the planet, with some two million birds packed onto three small islands, and about 100 to 200 people.

Further west tomorrow, 2 monster flights ahead to get to the Mariana islands.

Leg 199, Midway Atoll via Wake Island to Pagan Island, Northern Mariana Islands

DAY03_09.PLN (2.2 KB)

Basically just 2 long flights today visiting one of the most isolated islands in the world. I timed the second flight to go over night while sleeping which almost went horribly wrong. I saved the plane from splashing down with 5 minutes to spare. I very rarely sleep this long, got up to a stall warning, empty right tank and the plane on a glide path to the water down below. Close call.

03-08 Henderson Field PMDY 12:55 PM
03-08 Sand Island HI99 1:16 PM 1026nm next min 13.9 nmpg 18% mixture
18% mixture FL75 45F 2423 rpm IAS 135 TAS 151 GS 149 935.0 rt 40.00 2 knot headwind
18% mixture FL75 49F 2423 rpm IAS 135 TAS 152 GS 157 687.0 rt 25.55 6 knot tailwind 17.2 nmpg
19% mixture FL75 49F 2423 rpm IAS 141 TAS 158 GS 163 672.0 lt 34.56 6 knot tailwind
19% mixture FL75 52F 2423 rpm IAS 142 TAS 159 GS 157 366.0 lt 14.80 6 knot headwind 15.5 nmpg
20% mixture FL75 52F 2423 rpm IAS 146 TAS 164 GS 162 359.0 rt 24.98 7 knot headwind
20% mixture FL75 53F 2423 rpm IAS 147 TAS 165 GS 156 88.0 rt 4.57 14 knot headwind 13.3 nmpg
03-08 Wake Island Airfield PWAK 7:45 PM
67.32 gallons used, 1026nm, 15.2 nmpg, 6:29, 158.3 knots
03-08 Wake Island Airfield PWAK 10:11 PM
1187nm next min 16.0 nmpg ~8 hour flight time, slowing down to arrive in the morning
16% mixture FL75 53F 2149 rpm IAS 99 TAS 112 GS 111 1156.0 lt 36.69
16% mixture FL75 53F 2149 rpm IAS 100 TAS 113 GS 115 1018.0 lt 30.66 2 knot tailwind 22.9 nmpg
16% mixture FL75 53F 2149 rpm IAS 100 TAS 113 GS 115 1018.0 rt 40.00 ETE 530 (2:39 PM)
Bizarre incident, rt tank empty in the morning (3.0), mixture lever at 57% others 100% ? 7:27 AM (9:27 PM)
Stall warning, plane sunk just below 5,000 ft, switched tank, restarted engine, climbed back to FL75
16% mixture FL75 53F 2423 rpm IAS 110 TAS 125 GS 138 70.0 lt 29.31 14 knot tailwind 24.7 nmpg
03-09 Pagan Airstrip TT01 8:03 AM Trees at end of runway
50.28 gallons used, 1187nm, 23.6 nmpg, 9:52, 120.3 knots

Flight time 16:42 3 stops

Early departure from Henderson Field, Midway Atoll

To watch the sun rise over the North Pacific

Kure Atoll in sight, part of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Kure is an important nesting area for a number of seabird species and wintering area for a variety of migratory bird species from North America and Asia. Kure Atoll is also an important pupping and resting area for Hawaiian Monk seals.

Kure Atoll Conservancy works hard to keep the island clean from ocean debris

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument at Kure Atoll

At the airport, getting ready for the first of 2 long flights, first one 1026 nm to Wake Island

Settled in at FL75 18% mixture ground speed 149 knots with a slight headwind

Very calm flight, increased fuel flow to 19% mixture, 163 knots ground speed with tailwind

Increasing to 20% mixture while the weather starts changing, 162 knots ground speed, headwind

So far minimal turbulence, seems I’m good between the cloud layers

The skies are closing in though

Nature putting on a show to pass the time

Spelunking at 7,500 ft

The weather is calming down while Wake Island gets in range

All clear, Wake island shining brightly in the sun

Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to land with the wind in your back…

Wake Island Airfield, huge compared to the regular ‘airports’ I land at

67.32 gallons used over 1026nm, 15.2 nmpg, 6h29 flight time, average 158.3 knots

Welcome to one of the most isolated islands on Earth

Hotly fought over in WW2 and was in Japanese hands from 1941 to 1945

VFA-27 Royal Maces flying over and “The 98 rock” on the right

A desperate final message left by a POW on the run carved into a coral rock

After a 2+ hour break on the island, time for the second long haul

Just in time to escape the thunderstorm rolling in

1187nm to go, aiming to go slow and sleep through the flight

16% mixture, 2149 rpm, 111 knots ground speed

Switching over to the still full left tank (40 gallons) before heading off to bed

Up to 115 knots ground speed with a slight tailwind, ETE 8h50, about 8:36 AM arrival my time
According to lnm I can stay in the air for over 14 hours at 70 gallons left, should be 8 hours on 40 gallons.

I usually never sleep this long, got up at 7:25 AM, walked over to the laptop to the stall warning sound. Tank dry (3.0 gallons remaining) while the plane was drifting down at 1000 fpm, just over 5,000 ft left. I quickly switched over to the left tank, restarted the engine and gave it full power to climb back to 7,500 ft.

Phew disaster averted, 5 minutes later and I would have been in the water

Now to figure out the landing, no lights at all on this island

Lining up according to google maps, maximum exposure in the drone cam, landing + taxi lights

The landing light is only visible under 100ft

Scary landing, trees at the end of the runway (tree line after the field above, before the actual strip)

I dodged the trees (might have snagged a few branches with the landing gear) and got it down in time to stop at a little building.

That building is about 100ft from the beach on google maps!

Another close call, I’m running out of lives fast.

Should be a pretty place to wake up to and assess the damage to my under carriage

Landing before coffee, not recommended!

50.28 gallons used over 1187nm, 23.6 nmpg, 9h52 flight time, average 120.3 knots

I tested how close I came from splashing down by timing how long the plane can glide on auto pilot from 7,500ft without fuel. 7 minutes… That’s all. AP keeps trimming up to 100% trim while the plane slows down to 70 knots IAS dropping up to 1100 fpm. Then something ‘resets’ and AP drops the nose, speeds up to then tries to climb again. It did this cycle 3 times before running out of room and hitting the water at 80 knots IAS. AP keeps the plane level all the way at least.

Tomorrow (or this evening) exploring the Northern Mariana Islands.

Leg 200, Pagan Island, Northern Mariana Islands via Guam to Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

DAY03_10.PLN (3.2 KB)

Anoher milestone reached, day 200 on my 80 day tour of the world… More interesting islands today with a lot of WW2 remnants and one mysterious ancient civilization.

03-09 Pagan Airstrip TT01 5:24 PM
03-09 Francisco C Ada/Saipan Intl 6:33 PM
03-09 Tinian Intl PGWT 6:39 PM
03-09 Anderson Afb PGUA 7:12 PM
03-09 Guam Intl PGUM 7:22 PM 487nm next 15 knot headwind
03-09 Chuuk Intl PTKK 10:56 PM 380nm next 12 knot headwind
03-10 Pohnpei Intl PTPN 1:34 AM

Flight time 8:10 6 stops

Departing from Pagan airstrip, getting a good look at how close I came last night to the edge of the water, stopped next to the little building. That pesky tree line popping up in the landing lights last minute threw me off. Why leave a line of trees at the end of runways!

Pagan Island, nice place

Saipan, the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands, a commonwealth of the United States

From front to back, Banzai Cliff, USA veterans cemetery and Suicide cliff

Banzai cliff and Suicide cliff is where thousands of Japanese civilians and soldiers lept to their death to avoid capture by the US in 1944 at the end of the Battle of Saipan

Suicide cliff and the Last Japanese Command Post on the right

Also here the Korean Peace Memorial to commemorate the approximately 1,000 Koreans who were killed on Saipan during the Battle of Saipan

Further along the island there’s an abandoned Pacific Barrier Radar III

It’s on the hill in front on the right

Here on the far right (Pacifir Barrier Radar III)

On the left American Memorial Park and scenes from the WW2 Museum about the battle of Saipan

Next to painful history there is also natural beauty to discover, The Grotto, popular diving destination

Francisco C Ada/Saipan International Airport

On to Guam, a U.S. island territory in Micronesia. Anderson Air Force Base

Guam is the westernmost point and territory of the United States in Oceania, it is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands and the largest island in Micronesia

Flying by Puntan Dos Amantas

Which means Two Lover’s Point

Tumon Bay

Landing at Guam International Airport

A peek into Guam Museum

And on to the next island

Dodging clouds on the way to Chuuk

Under or over, just rather not through

Arriving at Chuuk State, Patta Island left and Polle Island on the right

Chuuk is one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Tol Island, west side of Chuuk Lagoon

Uman Island on the southeast side

Roro to the North of Uman island

Here you can find abandoned Japanese buildings and caves

All these islands house remnants from WW2

Moen, my destination where the airport is

Also here abandoned Japanese guns and a WW2 lighthouse

Weno on the northwest end the island

Landing at Chuuk International Airport

My landing went a bit better than Air Niugini’s in 2018, short of the runway in Chuuk Lagoon

Next to Pohnpei state, here Tenwen island on the southeast side of Pohnpei island

Nan Madol on Tenwen island

Nan Madol, ruins of an ancient city, the capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty until about 1628

Not much is known about the civilization that build Nan Madol

Landing at Pohnpei International Airport

Sokehs rock on the left, visible on approach (but clouds on the aerial images)

And also more left overs from WW2 and on the right Kepirohi Waterfall

More of Micronesia tomorrow.

I used to fly into Hopedale, and all the other Labrador coastal airstrips back in the early 90’s in Cherokee Six.

The picture is on the ramp in YYR Goose Bay. Spent the odd overnight in Hopedale.

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Leg 201, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia to Rongelap Atoll, Marshall Islands

DAY03_11.PLN (5.5 KB)

To the Marshall islands, which are slowly drowning with the threat of nuclear waste, from years of nuclear weapons testing, seeping into the ocean added on top…

03-10 Pohnpei Intl PTPN 4:36 PM 300nm next 18 knot headwind
03-10 Kosrae PTSA 6:32 PM 309nm next 7 knot headwind
03-10 Namorik 3N0 8:26 PM
03-10 Jaluit N55 9:04 PM 15 knot tailwind
03-10 Ailinglaplap Airok AIP 9:39 PM
03-10 Jeh PKJB 9:54 PM
03-10 Woja PKAR 10:04 PM
03-10 Bucholz Aaf (Kwajalein Kmr) PKWA 10:36 PM
03-10 Dyess AAF PKRO 10:53 PM
03-10 Elenak EAL 11:09 PM
03-10 Ebadon PKLA 11:13 PM
03-10 Wotho Island PKWO 11:42 PM
03-11 Enewetak Aux AF PKMA 268nm next 12:55 AM The Runit Dome 11°33’07.4"N 162°20’49.6"E
Bikini Atoll 11°35’36.3"N 165°22’41.6"E
03-11 Rongelap Island PKRG 2:54 AM Virtual vision landing

Flight time 10:18 13 stops

Daparture from Pohnpei, quick 180 to get on course

To Kosrae, formerly known as Kusaie or Strong’s Island

Finol Finkol (2,064ft) highest point on the island

Lelu Ruins Historic Park

Lelu Ruins, ancient city, same style as the Nando Ruins

Much bigger than it looks at first glance

Kosrae International Airport

Namdrik Atoll aka Namorik Atoll, Marshall Islands

Nice landing strip along the beach, well everywhere is along the beach on these Atolls

Namdrik Atoll in close up

Jaluit Atoll to the East

Another wide oval composed of thin little islands

Jabor, the widest section of the Jaluit Atoll, where most of the people live

Jaluit Airport

On to Ailinglaplap Atoll, Bigatyelang island

Approaching Jeh island

And a third airport on Woja Island, all part of the same Atoll

All of this could all be gone in the future, a third of the people have already left

Bucholz Army Airfield, south end of Kwajalein Atoll, only US military personnel allowed

Tax dollars well spent

Dyes Army Airfield on the north side of Kwajalein Atoll

Mejato airstrip on Elenek island at the west end of the atoll

And a 4th landing strip close behind on Ebadon island

A long flight to Enewatak island, Enewatak Aux AF

Enewatak is one of two Mashall islands used for nuclear bomb tests

Here the Runit Dome aka The Tomb on Runit island

A radioactive waste repository left by the USA after conducting a series of nuclear tests (1946-1958)

The actual dome and one of the tests

The crater isn’t visible in game, flooded already

An up close look at this ticking time bomb

On to the other test site, Bikini Atoll

On the right the Baker Bomb test from 1946

Castle Koon test site on the left and the hole left behind where the Krause-Ogle Box structure was

Already mostly flooded in game, FS2020 is ahead in global sea rise!

Castle Koon Test Site in the setting sun

Parts of the Marshall islands are already just as radioactive as Chernobyl and Fukushima

Still a popular wreck diving site for the high concentration of ship wrecks

Leaving Bikini Atoll behind, no landing strips there

Last stop today at Rongelap Atoll

Landing at Rongelap Island

Heading south tomorrow to visit the rest of the Marshall islands

Leg 202, Rongelap Atoll, Marshall Islands to Arorae Island, Kiribati

DAY03_12.PLN (9.2 KB)

So many islands! Exploring the rest of the Marshall islands and Kiribati today.

03-11 Rongelap Island PKRG 174nm next 5:07 PM
03-11 Utirik 03N 6:09 PM GPS map marker in the wrong place
03-11 Ailuk PKAI 6:32 PM
03-11 Wotje N36 6:51 PM
03-11 Kaben PKTA 7:11 PM
03-11 Maloelap 3N1 7:23 PM
03-11 Tabal Airstrip TBV 7:34 PM
03-11 Aur Island PKAU 7:39 PM Short runway, trees at one end
03-11 Marshall Islands Intl PKMJ 8:04 PM
03-11 Enejit EJT 8:33 PM
03-11 Makin Island NGMN 9:34 PM
03-11 Butaritari NGTU 9:44 PM
03-11 Marakei NGMK 10:13 PM
03-11 Abaiang NGAB 10:24 PM
03-11 Bonriki Intl NGTA 10:37 PM
03-11 Maiana NGMA 10:51 PM
03-11 Abemama Atoll NGTB 11:17 PM
03-11 Kuria NGKT 11:30 PM
03-11 Buariki NGUK 11:37 PM
03-12 Tabiteuea North NGTE 12:17 AM
03-12 Tabiteuea South NGTS 12:28 AM
03-12 Onotoa NGON 12:43 AM
03-12 Beru NGBR 12:59 AM
03-12 Nikunau NGNU 1:11 AM
03-12 Arorae Island NGTR 1:42 AM

Flight time 8:35 24 stops

Departure from Rongelap Island

Utirik Atoll

More Morse code land

Wotje Atoll

Kaven Island, part of Maloelap Atoll

Landing at Tabal Airstrip on Aur Atoll

Aur Island

Calalin Island, part of Majuro Atoll, the capital of the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands International Airport ahead

The airport is wider than the island

Majuro Atoll

Laura Island, west side of Majuro Atoll, WW2 remains here as well

Alele Museum and Public Library

Mili Atoll

Enejak Airport on Mili Atoll

Makin Island, part of Kiribati

Butaritari Airport

Traditional style house (mostly for tourism nowadays) and more WW2 remains laying around

Marakei Island

Landing at Marakei Airport


Abaiang Island

Bonriki part of Tarawa Atoll

North Tarawa and Biketawa, one of the many islands part of the atoll

Maiana Island

Oi, I’ll have some of that juice in that truck over there

Abema Atoll

The water is so clear!

Buariki, just leaving the airstrip

Tabiteuea South, I haven’t seen a bridge in a long time

Beru Island

It’s getting late on the way to Nikunau

Watching the sun set on the way to Arorae Island

Arorae Island

Last stop today, when the sun goes down it gets dark fast around here

Heading west tomorrow, to the Solomon Islands.

Leg 203, Arorae Island, Kiribati via Nauru island to Kologhona, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

DAY03_13.PLN (4.8 KB)

Moving on to the Solomon islands, longing for some better detail. I guess all these tropical islands are mostly hidden beneath the clouds leaving large empty patches everywhere. Interesting nation anyway.

03-12 Arorae Island NGTR 2:06 PM
03-12 Tamana Island NGTM 2:23 PM 19 knot tailwind
03-12 Nauru Intl ANYN 5:22 PM
03-12 Santa Cruz AGGL 8:53 PM
03-12 Santa Anna AGGT 10:02 PM
03-12 Nana AGNA 10:11 PM Trees at end of runway
03-12 Kirakira AGGK 10:23 PM Bad performance, trees?
03-12 Rennell AGGR 11:23 PM
03-12 Bellona AGGB 11:35 PM
03-13 Yandina AGGY 12:22 AM World Discoverer 9°01’23.0"S 160°07’23.0"E
03-13 Honiara Intl AGGH/Henderson Field AGGH 12:57 AM Terrible performance, trees drawing in late as well
03-13 Babanakira AGGI 1:17 AM Landing at 2 fps, unresponsive controls

Flight time 11:11 11 stops

First, last stop in Kiribati at Tamana island, no info on Google maps

Flying by Tapiwa island on the way to Nauru. Still part of Kiribati, also no info.

Nauru island, officially the Republic of Nauru, formerly known as Pleasant island

Also here, WW2 remains, Anabar Beach

Nauru Australian Immigration Detention Center

After Nauru ran out of its natural resources (phosphate mining) it accepted aid from Australia in exchange for hosting the Nauru Regional Processing Center. There are 3 of these camps on the small island. It offically closed in 2018, however as of last May 211 refugees and asylum seekers still remain on Nauru.

Arriving at the Solomon Islands, in particular Nendo Island, part of the Santa Cruz Islands

Lata on Nendo Island

Santa Cruz Airport (probably just a standard name in game) at Lata


Santa Anna Island

Tahaworo, San Cristobal

Kirakira on the north side of San Cristobal

Lake Tengano ake Te Nggano on Rennel island, East Rennel

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest raised coral atoll in the world

Bellona Island

No paved runway in reality

Nggela Sule Island where the MS Discoverer is beached after hitting an uncharted rock or reef in 2000

The MS discoverer was build in 1974 with a double hull allowing it to visit Antarctica

Nowadays it lies along the shore between the Indispensable Strait and Iron Bottom Sound

Honiara Intl AGGH - Henderson Field on Guadalcanal across the Iron Bottom Sound

Iron Bottom Sound got its name for the dozens of ships and planes that sank there during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942 - 1943. Part of the Battle of Savo Island which lies in between Guadalcanal and the Nggela Islands.

Honiara is the capital of the Solomon islands, located on the north side of Guadalcanal

Guadalcanal Memorial (American memorial and Solomon Peace Memorial Park (Japanese war memorial)

Many remnants of WW2 can be found near Guadalcanal Memorial

The national museum shows a couple artifacts from the Solomon’s thousands years of history and first encounters with the Spanish in 1542

Final stop today at the other side of the island

Babanakira Airport in game, at Kologhona

Landing at 2 fps wasn’t fun. Something went wrong with tree rendering in the last patch. Hopefully the sim holds together better tomorrow. There’s still a lot of rain forest ahead… More of the Solomon islands, then to Papua New Guinea.

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Leg 204, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands via Bougainville to Momoto, Manus Island, Papua New Guinea

DAY03_14.PLN (13.6 KB)

A bit of a frustrating flight marred by performance problems from the recent sim update. FPS better measured in frames per minute while crossing the forested mountain ranges, main and manipulators thread throwing up times in excess of 1400 ms while the terrain slowly turned into bland squares.

A couple restarts later, reducing the draw distance to half of what worked fine before and it sort of stays in the air. Still periodic long stuttering, not really looking forward to the dense jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Bad performance or not, it never crashed and landing at 2 fps is still possible. Hopefully a hotfix will come soon, for now less trees to keep it sort of going.

03-13 Babanakira AGGI 2:36 PM
03-13 Avu Avu AGGJ 2:50 PM
03-13 Marau AGGU 3:01 PM
03-13 Parasi AGGP 3:16 PM Performance degrading
03-13 Afutara Aerodrome AGAF 3:35 PM 2 attempts, short runway, sim behind, not sure if right spot
03-13 Atoifi AGAT 3:44 PM
03-13 Auki AGGA 3:55 PM Terrible performance, heavy memory fragmentation
03-13 Kwailabesi AGKW 4:09 PM
03-13 Maringe AGGF 4:38 PM
03-13 Suavanao AGGV 5:15 PM Terrible performance, memory fragmentation
Long pauses, long period of sub 1 fps while flying over water along the island, try a restart
03-13 Suavanao AGGV 5:26 PM
03-13 Seghe AGGS 5:52 PM
03-13 Munda AGGM 6:08 PM
03-13 Ringi Cove AGRC 6:14 PM
03-13 Kukudu AGKU 6:24 PM
03-13 Gizo AGGN 6:30 PM
03-13 Geva AGEV 6:46 PM
03-13 Kaghau AGKG 7:08 PM
03-13 Ballalae AGGE 7:46 PM Terrible stuttering, half drawn terrain
Reduced settings, trees down to high, terrain from 200 to 100, disabled online traffic/multi
03-13 Ballalae AGGE 8:35 PM
03-13 Buin UBI 8:43 PM
03-13 Tonu AYVO 8:50 PM Terrible performance, no hard faults, not a ram problem
03-13 Aropa AYKT 9:06 PM
03-13 Arawa RAW 9:12 PM
03-13 Torokina TOK 9:26 PM
03-13 Sabah AYSH 9:44 PM
03-13 Buka AYBK 9:56 PM
03-13 Nissan NIS 10:19 PM
03-13 Boang BOV 10:51 PM Short runway due to faulty water (sea polygon)
03-13 Silur SWR 11:14 PM No runway…
03-13 Tokua AYTK 11:34 PM Bad performance, frequent long stutters
03-13 Tol AYLM 11:55 PM
03-14 Open Bay OBY 12:08 AM Ulawun 5°03’04.4"S 151°19’51.6"E
03-14 Sule SULE 12:25 AM
03-14 Stockholm SMP 12:41 AM Right on the edge of the water
03-14 Kunaye AYKY 1:17 AM Beacon blocking end of runway
03-14 Simberi AYSE 1:35 AM
03-14 Kavieng AYKV 2:03 AM
03-14 Emirua ERU 2:29 AM
03-14 Eloaua Airstrip AYEU 2:37 AM
03-14 Momote AYMO 3:26 AM

Flight time 11:50 38 stops

Deaprture from Kologhona in the morning

Heading to Avu Avu

Sun spotted near Naho

Parasi Airport in Marapona

Waisis harbor on Maramasike Island

Mt Veve (5,801ft) extinct vulcano on Kolombangara island

Mount Veve is the island’s highest point

It looks like the top blew off some time in the past

Pretty place to visit

Nusatupe Airport at Gizo

Manggo Bay Choiseul island

Fauro island and Rohae island

Bouganville, still part of Papua New Guinea for now. Voted for independence in 2018.

Mount Takuan (7,385ft)

Part of the Takuan Group, a volcanic group located in the southern part of Bougainville Island

Mount Balbi (8,907ft) a holocene stratovolcano

Known as Tutue by local people, still active but no recorded eruptions

Nissan Island

Landing in Silur mission, New Ireland. I could not locate any airstrip.

Weitin river coming down the Hans Meyer Range

Hans Meyer Range on the other side, Kait river on the right

Tol Airport on New Britain

Open Bay Airport

Ulawun (7,657ft)

Ulawun is a basaltic and andesitic stratovolcano in West New Britain Province

Last errupted August 3rd, 2019

Locally known as the “father”

Flying out from Eloaua Airstrip

Eloaua island

Emananus island

Watching the sunset over the Bismarck Sea

FInal destination today, Momote

Momote airport, Manus island

More of Papua New Guinea tomorrow. Hopefully the game will hold together.

Leg 205, Momoto, Manus Island to Teptep, Papua New Guinea

DAY03_15.PLN (15.3 KB)

Still bad performance problems but with lower draw distance it survives the worst areas, slow but playable. Hopefully a fix will come soon. Luckily it didn’t take away from the awesomeness that’s Papua New Guinea. Amazing terrain to fly around in. Long marathon flight today, many stops, many challenging landings, lots of fun.

03-14 Momote AYMO 2:02 PM
03-14 Bali BAJ 3:14 PM Drone cam landing
03-14 Talasea AYVL 3:39 PM Drone cam landing
03-14 Hoskins AYHK 3:52 PM
03-14 Bili AYKE 4:13 PM Tricky landing
03-14 Uvol AYUZ 4:26 PM Runway cut off by low res water polygon
03-14 Asirim ASZ 4:40 PM Sim still falling behind, bad stuttering
03-14 Gasmata Island AYLJ 4:51 PM
03-14 Kiriwina AYKA 5:39 PM
03-14 Guasopa GPA 6:21 PM
03-14 Misima AYMS 6:49 PM
03-14 Panasesa Airstrip AYSC 7:11 PM
03-14 Sehulea SEH 7:35 PM
03-14 Esa’ala ESA 7:43 PM
03-14 Salamo SAO 7:49 PM
03-14 Vivigani VIV 8:05 PM
03-14 Cape Vogel CVL 8:18 PM
03-14 Raba Raba RBP 8:28 PM
03-14 Nowata NWT 8:33 PM
03-14 Param PPX 8:44 PM
03-14 Agaun AUP 8:51 PM
03-14 Boure AYPP 9:14 PM
03-14 Safia SFA 9:19 PM
03-14 Uroubi AYUE 9:26 PM Short runway
03-14 Namudi NDI 9:34 PM
03-14 Dorobisoro DOO 9:49 PM Short runway, high trees, sideslip landing
03-14 Jacksons AYPY Port Moresby Capital 10:10 PM Bad performance, heavy stuttering
03-14 Ononge ONB 10:44 PM 2 attempts, go around, short runway on a steep ridge
03-14 Woitape WTP Zero visibily, can’t spot the ground, skip
03-14 Kosipe KSP 10:58 PM
03-14 Sopu AYQO Zero visibility, tree tops only, skip
03-14 Kerau KRU 11:14 PM 2 attempts, touch 'n go, short runway
03-14 Guari AYGF 11:29 PM 2 attempts, go around, no landing downslope
03-14 Kakoro (Koroko) Airstrip KOR 11:44 PM
03-14 Tekadu AYTZ 11:51 PM
03-15 Wau AYWU 12:07 AM
03-15 Bulolo AYBU 12:14 AM
03-15 Nadzab AYNZ 12:41 AM
03-15 Baindoung BDZ 12:51 AM
03-15 Yawan AYYW 1:06 AM Go around to land uphill, very steep runway, weird ground effect
03-15 Sapmanga SMH 1:11 AM Steep runway
03-15 Bunguwat Airstrip AYUT 1:33 AM 5 attempts, weather moved in
03-15 Isan Airstrip AYIS 1:44 AM Steep runway
03-15 Tep Tep AYTP 1:52 AM Steep runway

Flight time 11:50 43 stops

Starting in the dark, DST moved me a timezone ahead. First stop at Ulnea Island

High exposure in drone cam to be able to spot the ground

Bali Airport on Ulnea island

Same at Talasea, dawn approaching

Lalivelo ahead

Hoskins airport, New Britain, enough light now to land with normal visuals

Sunrise at Kaiko

Bili Airport at Pokapuna


Coming in over the Amgen river

To land at Asirim Airport

Departure from Gasmata island

Kiriwina Island

Misima island

Panasesa island part of the Lousiade Archipelago

Beautiful place to go diving

Sehulea, Normanby Island

Ese’ala Airport. Fergusson island in the distance

Ilamu island, the little one below, part of the Barrier islands

Flying over Vivigani on Goodenough island

I guess naming it Goodenough is at least more original than placing new in front of an existing name…

Mt. Oiautukekea (8,320ft) aka Mount Vineuo, the highest peak in the D’Entrecasteaux Islands

Rabaraba, arriving at the main island of Papua New Guinea, New Guinea island

New Guinea is the second largest island in the world (after Greenland)

Nowata Airport

Flying up Mount Simpson (6,047ft)


Param Airport in Nepesi below

Agaun Station near Gisem

Crossing the Tavenei river

Mount Suckling in the distance

Mount Suckling or Goropi is the highest peak of the Goropu Mountains at 12,060ft

part of the Owen Stanley Range in south-eastern Papua New Guinea

Boure Airport

Moni River

Another tough climb at Sibia

Barely clearing the tree tops at Oidobu

Up high over Dorobisoro on the other side of the mountain range

Only to dive back down again to land at Dorobisoro Airstrip

Rounda 2 Hydro, the river missing on both Google and Bing maps

Jacksons International Airport at Port Moresby

Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea on the Coral Sea

Port Moresby Nature Park hosting many unique bird species

A peek inside Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery

Flying back into the mountains at Sigufe

Ononge Airport, took a second attempt, luckily easy to fly on to go around

There are hardly any roads through here, hence all the airstrips

Approaching Kosipe after skipping Woitape due to visibility

On to Supu, dodging the weather

Supu approach, hmm, no visibility here either near the ground

Kerau Approach

After a touch 'n go, stuck the second landing attempt at Kerau Airport

Gauri station at the bottom left

Took a second attempt again, landing down slope just keeps the plane going with the ground effect

On to Kakoro

Kakoro (Koroko) Airstrip

Hamata, Hidden Valley Mine

A gold and silver mining operation high in the mountains

Taking off from Bulolo, a paved runway, luxury

Bulolo on the edge of McAdam National Park

Mount Shungol (9,029ft) part of the Herzog Mountain Range

Quite an interesting landscape

Nadzab Airport serving Lae, the capital of Morobe Province andsecond-largest city in Papua New Guinea

Baindoung Airport

Nearly all the runways are sloped here and getting steeper

Sapmanga, had to go around to land on this very steep runway

The ground effect is weird, still veering me back up while not really slowing the plane down

Bungawat, the clouds were moving in fast while landing. I had to abort and power out.

Then followed many missed attempts to find the runway again.

Finally, down at Bungawat airport, should have just skipped it haha, dog with a bone.

Satisfying to finally get it down though, using little navmap to compare and adjust my approach until it was perfectly lined up with the short runway.

Isan Airstrip, who turned the difficulty up to 11

It cleared up on my second approach, another steep one, parking brake or roll back down

Last one Tep Tep Airport, clouds chasing me trying to hide this one as well

Just in time and very much time to quit

Airport hopping through Papua New Guinea is incredible. They are just a few minutes apart and never a boring landing. More fun tomorrow!

Leg 206, Teptep, Papua New Guinea to Rubol, Papua, Indonesia

DAY03_16.PLN (11.8 KB)

I didn’t cover as much ground as usual in this leg, in straight lines that is. Nearly every airstrip was a fun puzzle to figure out how to land with nearly no visibility. Average speed for this leg down to 76 knots due to all the loops and practice runs before sticking the landing in heavy rain and lightning. “Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Dark Of Night Shall Stay These Couriers From The Swift Completion Of Their Appointed Rounds.”

There are no approach patters to be found here (in this post). My method is purely experimental. Fly to the gps marker, keep the speed up while watching the 3D view for signs of any straight lines where the runway might be. Then when spotted (usually when right on top of it) a quick turn to align with the ‘runway’, fly out, make a sharp loop and start refining the approach until ready to commit to slowing down and setting her down. Skimming the tree tops until they fall away and the space opens up to land.

Fun puzzle and with a little help of little navmap, drawing my flight path so I can more easily duplicate and refine it, possible to land with near zero visibility. I had to draw the line for one destination though, completely hidden under water… No floats, and while landing on water would be survive able for the pilots, it would be game over for the plane. Plus the mail would get wet!

03-15 Tep Tep AYTP 5:10 PM
03-15 Bambui BCP 5:24 PM Very short ‘runway’
03-15 Nankina AYNA 5:33 PM
03-15 Saidor SDR 5:41 PM
03-15 Guhu Airstrip AYGH 6:03 PM
03-15 Bundi BNT 6:45 PM 5 attempts, clouds
03-15 Keglsugl KEG 7:02 PM Go around, land up slope
03-15 Ambuluwa Airstrip AYMI 7:15 PM
03-15 Kol KQL 7:29 PM 4 attempts, close call
03-15 Giramben Airstrip AYMU 7:50 PM 3 attempts
03-15 Mount Hagen AYMH 7:59 PM Virtual vision landing
03-15 Mendi AYMN 8:24 PM Virtual vision landing
Still got to eat, no auto pilot flights today, break time
03-15 Mendi AYMN 8:53 PM
03-15 Kar KAK 9:00 PM Bad Performance
03-15 Moro AYMR 9:12 PM
03-15 Kaibo Airstrip AYMM 9:15 PM Bad Stuttering
03-15 Komo AYXM 9:34 PM Super long runway
03-15 Koroba AYOW 9:47 PM
03-15 Pori Airstrip AYTX 9:54 PM
03-15 Kelabo Airstrip AYTV 10:01 PM Tall tree at end of runway
03-15 Suabi AYSA 10:20 PM Mount Karoma not visible
03-15 Tari AYUB 10:25 PM Bad Performance, stuttering low fps
03-15 Pangoa AYPC Under water skip
03-15 Lake Murray AYLL 10:55 PM
03-15 Kiunga AYKI 11:19 PM
03-15 Rumginae AYRG 11:30 PM
03-15 Tabubil AYTB 11:47 PM
03-16 Busilmin Airstrip AYIN 12:19 AM 5 practice runs
03-16 Mindiptana WAQE 12:34 AM 2 attempts, first touch 'n go, short runway
03-16 Oksibil WAJO 12:44 AM
03-16 Mindiptana WAQF 1:03 AM 4 attempts
03-16 Mindiptana WAQH 1:12 AM Only one straight ridge to land on, makes it easy
03-16 Mindiptana WAQG 1:21 AM 0.9nm 2 practice runs
03-16 Sumtamon Airstrip WAMK 1:27 AM Along the river
03-16 Ubrub WAZT 1:54 AM Up to 15K ft to get over the mountain, rain turning into wet snow

Flight time 8:15 32 stops

The day starts of promising, departure from Tep Tep Airport

Bambui airport approach, lined up after a couple runs at it

Beware very short runway, stopped just in time

Getting the machete out to turn this plane around

There are plenty breaks in the clouds as well, however the clouds like to hang out over the airports

Nankina Airport

And departure from Nankina, cloud magnet

Lush forests over Nampa

Near Maibu

Approaching Guhu Airstrip, guess where it’s hanging out

Maybe here

Nope, wrong ridge, I would need the Shock Ultra to land there

There it is, throttle down, ready to land

Just as the clouds cover it back up. My approach path edited in

Near Kesawai

The Ramu river

Over Tauya

Bundi airport, 5th and final approach

The look of disdain on my pilot’s face is priceless, more deliveries to make, get on with it!

Near Moikinangi

Heading for Mount Wilhelm (14,793ft) part of the Bismarck range

View from one of the lakes near the top of Mount Wilhelm

No name, Google only has low res sat data here. Bing has aerial data yet full of clouds, hence no shot of the mountain itself (big mess)

Kegsugl Airport

View from Mount Wilhelm, crossing the range again to the west this time

Ambaluwa Airstrip, it’s a rain forest, got to expect rain

Kol airport, close call but stuck it at the 4th attempt

Over Jiwaka province

Giramben Approach

Another shot of Mount Wilhelm, it’s there, honest

Third approach at Giramben Airstrip

Flying over Mount Hagen, the third largest city in Papua New Guinea

Busy city where all the different cultures come together

Wanaga visible for a few seconds

Mendi in there somewhere

Bigger airport with the runway in the G1000, makes landing easy

After a break flying on past Magura

Moro Airport

Mining operations among the colorful tribes

A sign of 2020 and 2021, more and more face masks appearing on pictures

Following the Tagari river

Looks like a great place for a canoe ride

An RDR2 like game in Papua New Guinea could be awesome

Komo International Airport, the runway stretches on for miles, the Antanov has landed here

Approach to Koroba

Where are you Koroba Airport

Down in the rain

Pori Airstrip, quick landing before the clouds cover you up

I had to skip this one, Pongoa Airport, in the middle of lake Murray

Lake Murray

It has another airport, Lake Murray Airport

Kiunga Airport, the rain is ramping up

A break in the clouds to see Ok Tedi Mine, the run off from the mine

A gold mining operation near Tabubil

Busilmin airstrip, landing after 5 exploration runs

I had to be very sure about this one, dead end, no room to power back out

My ‘process’ coming in from the south, won’t appear in any approach charts!

(Little loop at the end to gain height to get over the next mountain range)

Oksibil Airport

From tiny airstrips to huge runways

Mindiptana WAQF, 4th approach to stick the landing

Taking off is no problem with that angle

Approaching Mindiptana WAQH (no unique names here, just codes)

There was only one ridge in the view finer, makes it easy

Another pretty steep one, I wonder who lives there

Flying out from Mindiptana WAQG, 0.9nm from WAQH

Sumtamon Airstrip

4 stops close together in the valley (coming from the East, leaving to the North)

Final stop for the day, after climbing to 15K feet to cross the mountains again

Urub Airport, one little house to stay the night

Better get some big wedges under those wheels. Don’t walk to the back or it might tip over!

More fun tomorrow, Papua, Indonesia then on to the Philippines.

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Leg 207, Rubol, Papua to Kokoroba, West Papua, Indonesia

DAY03_17.PLN (11.5 KB)

An even slower leg than yesterday’s, 450nm after 7 hours of intense flying. More challenge airstrips and even less visibility. 80% of the leg had no visibility, 100% fun though.

03-16 Ubrub WAZT 5:26 PM
03-16 Ubrub WAVI 5:34 PM
03-16 Nipsan WAWT 5:52 PM 4 attempts, needs a turn to land
03-16 Wurigelebur WAYT 6:05 PM not really a runway, flat enough anyway
03-16 Pangema / hasan WAWV 6:13 PM 2 approaches, break in the clouds
03-16 Prongkoli Airstrip WAXA 6:27 PM 4 attempts, hard touchdown
03-16 Soba Airstrip 6:46 PM 5 attempts, little room to manoever, 6Kft hard to taxi uphill
03-16 Wurigelebur WAYM 6:58 PM
03-16 Wurigelebur WAYQ 7:19 PM 7 attempts, nasty weather, 7Kft too high to land with full flaps
03-16 Wurigelebur WAXR 7:38 PM 6 attempts, very steep
I need a break and dinner at a more reasonable time :slight_smile: No autopilot possible here at all
03-16 Wurigelebur WAXR 8:12 PM
03-16 Karubaga WANU 8:29 PM 3 attemps, close call, near zero visibility
03-16 Yigi Airstrip WALD 8:43 PM 3 approaches, virtual vision landing mostly
03-16 Karubaga WANN 8:51 PM Trees at end of ‘runway’
03 16 Kqrubaga WANP 9:01 PM Short runway
03-16 Karubaga WANQ 9:13 PM Hard landing, some visibility would be nice!
03-16 Karubaga WANV 9:25 PM Very short runway
03-16 Alama Airstrip WALF 9:34 PM
03-16 Beoga WACZ 10:04 PM Sim falling apart after departure
Terrible performance, stuttering, restart
03-16 Beoga WACZ 10:15 PM Grasberg open pit 4°03’27.0"S 137°06’45.3"E
03-16 Bilogai WACY 10:43 PM
03-16 Bilogai WACX 10:52 PM Bad stuttering and no visibility…
03-16 Bugalaga Airstrip * WX53 11:28 PM 5fps, stuttering, no visibility, trees at end of runway, terrain bug? What’s next
Stuttering only getting worse, restart
03-16 Bugalaga Airstrip * WX53 11:39 PM Starts you on top of kamikaze hill, drive down slowly
03-16 Komopa WAKM 11:45 PM Finally out of the clouds!
03-16 Enarotali WABT 11:53 AM
03-16 Eaopoto Airstrip WAEN 11:58 AM Half in the lake
03-17 Waghete WAXP 12:04 AM
03-17 Moanemani WANJ 12:10 AM Mostly virtual vision landing
03-17 Bomoani Airstrip WABM 12:18 AM
03-17 Magoda Airstrip WABV 12:23 AM
03-17 Timepa Airstrip WACF 12:28 AM
03-17 Bomomani WACV 12:41 AM
03-17 Wasior WAUW 1:18 AM
03-17 Gusimawa Aistrip WABH 1:38 AM Trees at end of runway

Flight time 7:16 31 stops

Departure from Rubol, rain, lightning, little visibility

Same as yesterday, scout, trial runs, then stick the landing, Ubrub Airport WAVI/

At least stopping is no issue these angles

Now and then there is a small break in the clouds, here over Yahukimo regency

It doesn’t last, search for the next airport, landed at Nipsan Airport

Back up another break over Wahe

Just emerging from the clouds, this one is visible!

Now I need to make a quick loop before the clouds have a chance to catch up

I made it in time, Pangema-Hasan Airport

Over Potenpilik

Looking for Wurigelebur

Beatiful location, Wurigebelur Airport WAYM

Ready to go find the next one

The clouds are moving in, looks like the break is over

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, Wurigelebur WAXR, too steep

Got to keep the throttle open after stopping. Easy to get out of anyway, open throttle to lift the tail up, release brakes, roll back a bit while turning one way until the propeller can pull the plane forward and turn the other way. It’s actually a much easier way to turn around!

Yigi Airstrip, practically zero visibility now

Spotted Karubaga Airport, quick loop before the visibility gets worse again

Still good, looks like a short one though

Pretty short, Karubaga WANV

Reverse turn to get out, easy with these slopes, no push back needed

My flight path through Karubaga, Tolikara Regency

Looking for Alama Airstrip

Just enough visibility to swoop straight in

Easy landing, but I forgot to set my flaps to take off configuration oops

Another advantage of these steep slopes, the extra drag from full flaps doesn’t matter on take off

The rain is getting worse again on the way to Beoga

A little gap over Noemun

Another big gap over Beoga, looks like a good landing spot

Approaching the runway, stay back clouds

Good thing I paused to take a picture, forgot the landing gear Doh!

I didn’t forget it on take off, back out before the clouds move in

The next destination was Grasberg Copper and Gold Mine. Unfortunately it was so hidden in the clouds that the drone couldn’t even pick up more than some vague shapes a couple meters from the walls. I took a drone picture this morning in clear conditions, on the left here

Huge open pit mine, but totally invisible on my flight yesterday

Passing Bilogai, so awesome to fly out of the clouds into scenes like this

It didn’t last long though, Bugulaga airstrip is next

Scouting it out with the drone first, no visibility, first time here as well

After a couple runs to determine the layout of the runway, first practice run

I need to hit this one perfect, not like the standard airstrips out here where there is plenty room to make last second minor corrections.

Second trial run, looking good, I know what to aim for now on the 3D vision monitor

Successful touchdown, err minus one wheel. I didn’t anticipate the hump to be this steep!

I didn’t have enough speed left to make it to the top, the heck is this

I’ll take this as a win, 5fps (bad performance bug popped up again), stuttering, no visibility, trees at end of runway, arrived in one piece. The Bonanza is secretly a taildragger!

It took a while to figure out what direction the runway was in exactly and what to aim for on the 3D terrain viewer. From a distance the runway looks like a place to avoid, only when very close does it update and change into smooth terrain. Fun puzzle.

The real thing, that hump is real, maybe not as steep though

It made turning around easy, throttle up, tail lifts up, release brakes, roll backwards and turn, plane automatically reverses direction when the pull from the propeller overcomes gravity.

Ready for take off, that weird hump behind me

Beware of the tall trees at the end of the runway, I had to veer right a bit to avoid them

I went back here this morning to check it out in clear skies, very fun airstrip. Fly out, turn, land, repeat. You need to keep the speed up to 35 knots when hitting the hump, then full throttle to get to the top. On take off, go slow to the top of the hump, then full throttle when the plane tips down and you get just enough speed for a steep climb out to clear the trees (which shouldn’t be there) This one is even more fun than Lukla! Beautiful place to take off as well.

Onwards, the weather cleared up at Danau Tage. If I remember correctly Danau means lake

Taking off from Eaopoto Airstrip

Approaching Moanemani, it was a nice break from the clouds

Over Abgoigi / Digimani

Ideduwa, the weather is improving over all, much faster this way

Bomamani Airport, came in a bit fast, excited about the view

Pegai, Ideduwa

Teluk (Bay) Cendrawasih

Pegunungan (Mountains) Wondiwoi (7,385ft), hidden

As a local guide said Google “The highest peaks are often shrouded in clouds”

Wasior, Teluk Wondama Regency

Final stop today at Gusimawa Aistrip on an inlet coming from the South side, Arafura Sea. Terrain quality kinda ends here as I’m finding out right now while flying over West Papua. Papua New Guinea had some issues is well but is amazing over all. Great place to fly!

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Leg 208, Kokoroba, West Papua, Indonesia via Palau to Baganga, Davao Oriental, Philippines

DAY03_18.PLN (6.4 KB)

Far less exciting leg than the previous two, a welcome change back to auto pilot. I had some stuff to catch up to and long ocean flights are perfect for that. It’s a shame though that as many other paradise destinations, Palau is a disappointing mess in the FS2020.

03-17 Gusimawa Aistrip WABH 7:00 PM
03-17 Babo WASO 7:16 PM
03-17 Stenkol WAUB 7:26 PM
03-17 Merday WANF 7:39 PM Bad performance
03-17 Anggi WAXO 7:56 PM 3 attempts, local thunderstorm
03-17 Iray Airstrip WAWM 8:00 PM Virtual vision landing, blinding lightning
03-17 Rendani WAUU 8:15 PM
03-17 Kebar WAUK 8:41 PM Mostly virtual vision landing, rain again
03-17 Suswa Airstrip WAAF 9:05 PM
03-17 Sorong Mainland WA1A 9:29 PM
03-17 Jefman WASS 9:34 PM
03-17 Marinda WASN 9:49 PM Performance bug again along the way
03-17 Kabere WANE 10:02 PM 458nm next slight headwind
03-18 Angaur Airstrip ANG 12:36 AM
03-18 Peleliu C23 12:40 AM
03-18 Babelthuap/Koror PTRO 12:54 AM 475nm next 21 knot tailwind
03-18 Baganga RPBN 3:18 AM Terrible stuttering on arrival

Flight time 8:18 16 stops

Departure from Gusimawa Airstrip

Merday Airport

Terrain quality is pretty poor, the trees do a good job hiding the low res terrain

Of course the clouds were still hiding the airports, Anggi Airport on Danau Anggi Giji

Iray Airstrip

It cleared up not much later, here over Lismaungu

Chasing the rainbow over Waramui

A bridge I will never manage to fly under, still chasing the rainbow near Bawey

All clear at Marinda Aiport (Bandar Udara Marinda Raja Ampat) on Waigeo island

2.5 hours later, nothing but clear ocean in between, Angaur Island, Palau

Peluliu Island

Fierce battleground during WW2, many relics and memorials can be found here

Koror, the largest city in Palau, home to about half of the country’s population (of 20K)

The capital moved to Ngerulmud in 2006, not much there though (population 271)

Palau the way it’s supposed to look like

FS2020 currently has all the coast lines as vertical walls with patched up terrain everywhere due to clouds on the aerial footage. That one picture out the left window is about as good as it gets.

Koror Belau Museum, traditional long house with stories as decorations

Reminds me of Journey’s story panels

Atpison Museum displaying traditional weapons and more recent ones left from the war

Palau is famous for many of it’s amazing locations, one of them jellyfish lake

More of Palau’s natural beauty

The biggest challenge for Palau is how to manage tourism

On to the Philippines, landfall at Baganga, Davao Oriental

Final stop for today, it was another 2.5 hour flight to here

Tomorrow, exploring the Philippines.