Export logbook to file

I’d like to be able to take a deeper look at my flight statistics and the ability to export the log book to a CSV would mean I could pop it into a spreadsheet to do that.

Disregarding how abysmal the functionality and data recording is in the log book, the tools for manipulating data in the logbook are just as abysmal. For instance, if you search for particular entries, the total flight time is still total flight time, not say, the accumulated time if you chose to search for time in a particular type of aircraft.

Where is the log book stored?
Can we access the file?
Can it be converted into a CSV or Microsoft excel format?
Do tools like this exist?

Even though it’s likely very wrong in general, what data is there is still interesting. I’d still like to manipulate the data that is there, like, to say, get the number of hours I’ve flown a particular type of aircraft.

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Lots of entries about the logbook, where it’s located and why it can’t be exported, manipulated. :slight_smile:

Search engine is your friend.


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The issue with that thread is it’s closed.

If the file exists, I don’t understand why it can’t be exported? Just because it’s binary doesn’t mean it can’t be read and converted. Perhaps Asobo would even tell us what the format is so tools could be created. I’m pretty sure it could be figure out anyway.

I’m not asking to manipulate the file itself, only read it and do searches on the data that give us more functionality than is currently in the logbook (essentially nothing).

Isn‘t that file stored online? It‘s my understanding that if you login at your xbox or at another computer you get the same hours.

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That’s what the closed thread said, yes. All I was asking is where it is (answered), what format (answered) and if it’s readable (partially answered).

I think what’s different about what I’m asking is I only want to read it.

I probably should have put this in Wishlist…

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Ah sry, now I get what you mean. Yep would be cool to be able to store it locally

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I don’t think necessarily Store it locally. I just want a tool that can read it so I can search it. The lowest level of that would be to copy a snapshot to a CSV file locally to my machine.

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  • Save more detailed information about each flight in the flight log and provide a functionality to
    export complete flight log (all recorded flights with additional details) as Excel or CSV file for data nerds to play with! Would love to handle this data in Excel of PowerBI.
  • Ability to export GPS information about flights (excel/csv) so that flight patterns could be recreated in PowerBI map report for example.
  • Black box: allow to export Excel or CSV file after crash representing a black box, people could then post their data and have discussion about what happened and what should have been done differently

Even with the logbook being a binary file type so was the logbook in FSX and there are tools to export that. So why can we not have a tool to export this logbook?
When I do take a close look at what I can, I think it is to make it had for us not to see all the errors that are in the logbook like not recording landing etc.
I hope some 3rd party make an export tool the same as was done for FSX.

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I have some crazy idea. Why not take the real electronic logbook in Excel or other format and just start entering data in there manually after each flight, like pilots do in real life? I find the logbook in the game contaminated by irrelevant entries (landing challenges for example) and errors (not counting take offs from uncontrolled airports). It would need manual cleaning after export anyway, so why not just enter data yourself from scratch? I also heard that Volanta offers better logging than the game.

It’s interesting you mentioned that. I decided to add a bit of immersion to start doing manual logging. I made some spreadsheets based on ASA logbooks.

I came across FsHub.io shortly after MSFS launch it has a lightweight client (called LRM & requires FSUIPC) that tracks your flights.

Volanta is a nice package. It can be basically hands off if you want or you can use all its features. I’m using it to also track the flights im putting in my manual log books. While I let FsHub.io run as well and record everything.

I’m kind of trying a bunch of stuff with logging to see what works best. But the built in one does not work well and has reset on me multiple times.

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