Export scenery without having end users download full asset libraries?

Is it possible to export a project that uses assets from freeware libraries without the need for the end user to have the entire library?
In other words, can I keep everything nice and tidy in one package? I’ll give the freeware library creators their due credit, I just hat having to have folks download all of these asset libraries.

If you don’t won’t users to download others assets libraries, don’t use them in your sceneries.
Assets libraries are compiled bgl, and you can’t separate them

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Yes you can but I haven’t succeded yet.

Colin Jeffery in the Readme file of his library explains rapidly how:
4.------- Alternative installation for power users (who create their own objects)
included are folders modelLib1v12-cbj modelLib2v12-cbj containing all the model folders + texture folder
place the model folder for object needed in your modelLib folder and the textures in modelLib\texture
folder at the end of this document is complete list of objects with textures required for each
(or easier just add all the textures)
His library: https://fr.flightsim.to/file/16007/msfs-object-library-with-150-models-ranging-from-towers-hangers-terminals-to-cones

I tested it by creating an asset and choosing a BGL asset type and it wouldn’t work. So I don’t get it yet but I’m looking for the solution if someone knows how!

The linked library is not the “average” library.
Colin is sharing the sources of its models, so everyone with his permission can a selection of them into his own project without the need to include the full library

So the answer is still no, you can’t a singleobject from a LIBRARY without the need to install the fully library. A LIBRARY is a compiled .bgl modelLib, including one or more objects

Colin is sharing glTF/bin/XML file per each object, those are source files, compiling them in a modelLib creates the library

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I think if we had the original assets we could incorporate them into our scenery reference within your created scenery folder. But since it’s already compiled, you’d need to reference the library outside of your created scenery folder since the assets can’t be individually picked out.

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