Expose ‘hidden’ graphical options buried in the .cfg file!

There are many graphical option that are buried in a configuration text file, deep in the install path that make huge and commonly unwanted options (e.g. film grain, vignette etc) and force them to be active, and nowhere in the in-game ui are these exposed.

Please expose ALL settings in-game and allow us control over how these unnecessary graphical excesses are set.

Why devs alway add bloom, lens flare, vignette and film grain is beyond me; the camera is a stand in for our human eyes - none of these graphical techniques apply to eyes, only a camera.

If you wanted to be clever, then apply them (OPTIONALLY) on the external and drone cameras, but NOT the in-cockpit human ‘head’ camera.

I don’t mind so much that they are buried, it’s that it resets them each time you touch the ingame settings. That’s a no go for me, and I don’t want to lock the file since I’m changing my settings so often.

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