Extended pauses with "not responding" in task manager in flights and in menus

Since, I’m experiencing extended pausing in the game. Just randomly stops responding. Task manager will show flightsimulator.exe as “not responding” The pause can last anywhere from a few seconds up to a minute. They can happen anywhere. I’ve had it happen in the menus and in the sim.

It happens with an empty community folder with the same frequency as if I have all my mods.

Don’t remember seeing this after SU nor after the first hotfix. It started happening after

Will be submitting to Zendesk once I’m done here…

that’s been my life since August 20th 2020.
I don’t have an explanation for you other than you’re not the only one.

I’ve experienced extended stutters of a few seconds prior to this version, but never more. Now it can last up to a minute or so before continuing on just normally as if nothing happened. Until it happens again later on…

I’ve seen a pause flying over Amsterdam in Ultra mode, <10Fps this afternoon (just after installing HF2)

After 2 minutes of pause (freeze) it gave a popup message about my internet. I switched from Wifi to cable, clicked Ok and things resumed without issue. No CTD occured…

Earlier, I’ve seen this internet message when playing with the LOD override. But in that case, it came immediately, not after a pause.


Had this twice during a flight from Brisbane to Sydney today (couple of hours in TBM 930); sim froze up for roughly 30-40 seconds, then recovered and I had no other problems completing the flight.

Symptom is consistent with the long-standing “MSFS freezes when a device is connected/disconnected” bug but, as far as I know, no devices were connecting or disconnecting at the time.

I’ve since disabled my Bluetooth adapter just in case (since I don’t need any BT devices at the moment), just in case that makes any difference.

Same as I observed. Seems to be the same symptoms despite nothing being connected and disconnected at the time

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yup I’ve had the same think happen a few times but I’m not seeing any common cause; yet

Update and hotfixes installed. Sim running well with the exception of two freezes experienced during a 200 mile flight tonight both occurring when the VFR map was clicked. Freeze lasted several minutes. The sim didn’t crash to the desktop. Flight resumed normally after the freeze.
Other than this all seems better on my system.
Still absolutely HATE the log book interruption during engine shutdown after parking. From a pilot’s standpoint this is a REAL immersion killer.
I see it’s on the wish list to be addressed. Hope it’s soon ! :slight_smile:
Dudley Henriques

So yeah, starting today it’s not always recovering after the pauses. Several times now I’ve just left it, and it’s never come back. Just now, I left it for almost 20 minutes. Never recovered and I had to end the process.

Although I’m noticing via Resource Monitor that shortly before this happens, it drops all its connections to online services. Then the freeze happens. Not sure if it’s an imminent freeze causeing it to lose connection, or if it loses connection and then the sim freezes.

@Crunchmeister71 hey mate. I get these long pauses as well. Really frustrating. I have a 3080 with 64GB RAM and the sim is ultra smooth, good FPS, no issues at all. Then all of a sudden, a pause that can be sometimes 10-30 seconds. Maybe 10% of the time it CTDs, though more often it just continues flying afterwards. I also notice the task manager has ‘not responding’ with the msfs.exe.

My GPU drops to 0%, then eventually recovers.

Have you been able to resolve this?

Not really, but it appears to be USB related. You can try unplugging devices until the pauses stop, but I would start with USB audio (speakers, headphones) devices, which appear to be culprits.

Or wait until after SU6 next week to see if that fixes it.

Thank you. I have made sure all of my USB power settings don’t allow Windows to turn off the USB ports. My headphones are in a jack (not USB) and I dont have speakers.

Only things I haven’t disconnected are my USB mic and webcam (as I stream). Mouse, keyboard, stream deck, yoke, throttle, joystick, have all been taken out (one by one) and I still pause.

Hopefully next update fixes this.

Thanks again

I have this exact same problem… I’m wondering if all of us are on a AMD Ryzen System?

My Specs: Windows 10 Pro 21H1 installed on PCIe 3.0 NVME SSD. Game installed on PCIe 4.0 NVME SSD via Steam F: Drive

Asus TUF Gaming B550-M WiFi
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X undervolted to 1.056V Stable
Corsair Vengence RGB PRO 32GB 3200Mhz CL16
Nvidia RTX 2080 Super 8GB Undervolted to 950mV at 1805Mhz

I haven’t experienced this in some time now, but based on my past observations and seeing how many are having issues with the MSFS online services as of late (even though Microsobo are claiming the issues are fixed), I would suspect it’s related.

I have the exact same issue. 2 minute-long pause then a popup about my internet. Sadly, I can’t switch to a cable so I’m stuck with WI-Fi.

It’s got nothing to do with WiFi. It’s server side issues. I’m hardwired. 10 Gbit LAN backbone in my house to a1 Gbit fibre connection. I have issues with MSFS servers all the time. Never have an issue with anything else.

I have also a huge problem with my Dell Alienware i7 10700F 16GB Memory and NVIDIA 2060 Super 8GB card. Before the last update, the Sim was working normally. Now it takes 15-20 min to get to the menu where it takes 10 seconds to show what you have clicked earlier and it might become unresponsive and then have to kill the task. Can not navigate, can not play. I thought that there must be something with the installation and I reinstall it from scratch. Updated NVIDIA drivers. Nothing has changed. Other games are working without any issue. The only difference that I can note is that I have upgraded the PC to Windows 11. Is there anyone else having the same issue?

did this ever get fixed in any way as this is what i’m getting right now even with SU9 i’m even getting it in menus with a fresh install and nothing in my community folder

In fairness to Asobo, this might be the only feature they carried over from fsx…

  • I’ve filled out a bug report and got nowhere.
  • Email support has been non existent.
  • No answers and Microsoft are quite happy to leave users helping each other rather than looking after their customers. This is not a process that I have the time or patience for.
  • I’ve been trying by email to ask for confirmation that this issue is being worked on and get nothing.
  • I’ve not been able to play the game for about 3 months now and I’m beyond impatient now.
  • I’ve requested a refund for the game since the bug means I’m not able to play the game, which was declined due to purchasing more than 30 days ago.
  • When I requested information on their complaints policy as having a bug exist for three months with no support and denying to take responsibility of and refund on it is not acceptable.
  • I was given the address of the Digital Complaints commission for the EU. I’m not a EU resident - so safe to say that I’m beyond impatient, have zero faith in this issue being fixed and am extremely angry with Microsoft

What is causing this bug? I bet someone on here can direct me to an answer better than the multibillion dollar corporation Microsoft.

Here is a video of the issue which renders this game completely unplayable and a giant waste of my money and my time as well as my frustration.

2022 05 21 00 18 15 - YouTube