Extensive shaking in external view

When taxiing at slow speeds or just flying, in the external view there is extensive shaking going on, not just the aircraft but the entire view. This is not present in the cockpit view with “Cockpit shaking” turned off, also the Free look momentum already set to 0. This is very annoying and nauseating in VR. Is there a setting to turn this off? If this is supposed to be part of the “flying experience”, there should be an easy way to turn this bad experience off. JMO.

I think this is a bug because the camera also shakes left and right when you’re on the ground with the engine off.

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Yes, probably is a bug Flobud. MSFS is full of bugs, however it is a very complex simulation and I’m confident that they’ll work hard to fix them. Hope, not at the expense of introducing more.

Really, I would have sworn that when I turn off the engine the shaking stops.
Even if relatively minor, it is quite annoying indeed.