Exterior Camera control

Hi all, Can anyone tell me how you can use the hat switch on the joystick to pan around the outside of the aircraft with the exterior camera or maybe the drone? In previous sim, FSX, when you selected exterior camera it automatically allowed you to pan around aircraft with hat switch. Very useful. I find a lot of the tutorials on the camera control and drone way to complicated for my small brain.
As usual any help will be most appreciated.

If you happen to have an XBox controller or some other controller with dual analog sticks, I would recommend using that as a separate control for your cameras. Especially for the drone.

Otherwise, it’s clunky and awkward to control. It can be done I’m sure, but it’s just frustrating.

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short answer is that it can be done - you will need to find a good video tutorial on setting up the views - remap a few things to your JS. The options for view controls in MSFS are just too much IMO but the good news is that if you can muddle through it all you can have decent options set to the mouse, JS and KB

Thanks very much I will keep working on it

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