Exterior Lighting only partly working

I am not sure whether this is related to SU7, which I installed without problems, but some exterior lighting switches do nut move anylonger, e.g. in the C172 oder the Beach Baron G58. This seems to be independent of the peripherals, be it Honeycomb’s Alpha Yoke or the Mouse. The switches just do not move.

The only thing I changed in comparison to the versions before SU7, I used the dev mode, in order to play around with the new replay function. But when I quit the dev mode, the problem prevails, even after a restart.

I am just wondering whether it is just me and my systems or others encountered a similar problem.

Regards, Juergen

Apoligies! Problem solved. It was my mistake, as switches were used by other hardware, which I overlooked.
Rgds, Juergen

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