External camera, can´t click anymore- only move the view angle around

I am on the MS Store version, no devmode, and lost control of my external views a few day ago. I dont know what combination of inputs let to this. I attempted to restore the previous functionality using different ideas i found here and elsewhere but without success.

Did you change the (I’m presuming “mouse”) profile back to default in Control Options?

Yes. Sorry, should have said so.

Any other controllers plugged in which might unknowingly be interfering?
Did you check the settings to ensure they were still correctly assigned?
I don’t know if this may help, Under General Options, Accessibility, are you in lock or legacy?
Try which ever one you aren’t in!

Thanks, but accessibility settings didn´t help either (controllers are correctly working). Atleast i can´t hear no more ATC voices now… :rofl:

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I haven’t heard of an addon conflict causing this, but have you tried with the community folder empty?
Are you using any pug-in apps with the sim?

No difference without the Community folder either. :thinking:
HAH The ATC is back now! Apparently something in the community folder needed a refresh. :grinning:

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