External chart viewer (tablet) in the VR cockpit

Hey @SteveVojacek, I had a quick look out of curiosity, and found this:

To open an Oculus Desktop window in VR:

  • Open the Oculus app on your computer and put on your headset.
  • Open Dash by selecting the Oculus button on your right Touch controller.
  • Select Oculus Desktop from the right section of your Dash belt to open a Desktop window.

Since I no longer own an Oculus headset I havent been able to try it myself. Don’t know if the window would show up in running VR apps such as MSFS. Worth a shot tho! Good luck with that.

Yes, I can. The problem though is that when the MFSF window is active, the mouse is confined to that window. The workaround: pressing the windows key + TAB, which will free up the mouse cursor and let you choose between any open window on your desktop.
Since I prefer not to use the keyboard at all for better VR immersion, I use a voice activation program called “VoiceAttack” that I already had anyways and use for many of my VR apps. It’s like15 buck or so, I believe. Real life saver in VR. I say “switch” (for example) and the program emulates the win+TAB input. So I switch between taxi, SID, STAR, ILS, taxi, parking gates charts as needed. I can also click, zoom, scroll, etc. All while using voice commands to play cabin announcements and such from a simple windows media player playlist. Takes some input at first, but works out nicely.
Anyways, you’ll probably want to play in windowed mode and make the Window as small as possible in order to see more of your deskop. Here, you have to be careful to not accidentally close the MSFS program while in VR. See below for a workaround.
Did not notice a drop in framerate really, but that’s just an impression. I have not compared statistics. Using a HP G2 on fairly high settings, so I’m always struggling with framerates anyways. Haha

Hope some of that helped. Cheers

Workaround for MSFS windowed mode accidental shutdown:

Hi folks, just a quick fix for anyone having this issue while using windowed mode in VR:

the combination of the mouse cursor movement in VR being on a different scale compared to the one on the flatscreen window and the cursor being confined to however big the window is, will inevitably lead to you clicking the “close window” box on the top right corner of the flatscreen MSFS window unbeknownst while in VR, especially when clicking objects on the overhead panel (airliners) like lights, APU, etc. This closes the entire sim without further questions, and certainly without a crash report. :smile:

Not my brightest or proudest moment, but it took me 2 or 3 “crashes” to desktop to realize it. :sweat_smile:

FYI I fixed the issue using a tiny program called “NoClose” that allows you to disable the “close window” button on any selected window with the push of a button. Just Google it, not hard to find. The “minimize” button ,however, stays active, which can be annoying.

A borderless window option as seen in other games would solve the issue.

Hi @nomancs69, I looked into it:
When @ WMR home, just make sure mouse focus is on WMR by pressing Windows key + Y. Then, you can press the Windows key on the keyboard to pull up the WMR menu. Here you can select the desktop option to open the desired window. Drag and scale using mouse.

@PIESKYTOURS: SkyPark seems to be a second screen, mobile device type thing, right? Don’t know much about it.
But if you can run it in Windows using your desktop, it’ll show up like everything else.
We’re talking about a window inside the sim in VR mode that simply shows your desktop and all the apps open therein. It’s like having the flatscreen you see when lifting your headset next to you in VR.
For example, if you open Firefox/Chrome and stream an NBA Playoff game, that’s exactly what you’ll see in the VR window next to you in the cockpit or whatever sim view you’ve selected (The window follows you everywhere).
Come to think of it, live NBA games would be the kind of in-flight entertainment I’d like to see as a passenger on a real flight! Haha


Sorry about the messy, repeditive structure of my posts, BTW.
I don’t post much, and am still figuring it all out. :sweat_smile:

Mea culpa.
Have a great day, fellow flight simmers!

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Thanks so much for the info! I agree NBA would be perfect in-flight entertainment!

Allowing external windows to work is essential in vr even if in third plane mode a window should be allowed to stay open.

Also would be good to have a heading bug somewhere and speed and alittude indicator one that could be turned off and on.