External G1000 massive FPS drop

Using two external monitors for the G1000 with bezels and knobs, I suffer a massive hit on FPS making the simulator unusable. I also need to move the eyepoint over the cockpit in order to prevent unrealistic double cockpit views of course for the tradeoff in an unrealistic landing perspective.

Any progress? I have a VF G1000 and don’t use it because it creates stutters.

Yes, there is progress. With DX12 there is only a minor fps drop and the overall performance is smooth. I could also overcome the issue of the missing forward view. (Look to the right, then move as close to the windscreen as possible with the left arrow key, then adjust to your comfort) I now have a nice view just over the glareshield seeing the compass in the middle. Overall I am quite satisfied. With high settings I do get fps in the upper 40s in rural environments and steady 30+ at KLAX, EDDF etc

I9 9900k, RTX2080Ti

Yet there is an issue with the VF G1000 software. Flight level change does not work for whatever reason. This is really bad especially for using the expensive equipment for flight school. Everything needs to work as in real life. There is no margin for any compromise.

If you are using the Working Title G1000 NXi then I guess you need to ask VF to implement either the LVAR or the HEvent that supports VNAV… I have this working just fine with my hardware via SPAD Next doing the hardware integration… I am sure VF would add it if they are told about it…

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