External SSD also good for MSFS?


I dont have enough space in my PC (i have 3 hard drives and need all haha)
Is it a good idea to run the game on an external ssd? (will it also improve my game experience? like an internal one?

That depends if the interface you are using (USB etc) is fast enough to take advantage of the full speed of the drive and/or is faster than your current drive.

Nevertheless the main improvement you will find is loading times.

i have only one issue with my game at the moment… everytime when i Land i have a big frame stutter… but it runs smooth… all of the time… when i start again and land again i have no stutters… i dont get it…

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You’d need a 3.2 gen usb c port.

The best external is prolly a T7. 1000MB read and write.

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