External view looks bad

I like to cruise using the external view , but it looks too stretched out an close to the airplane ,it has that fish eye effect , hopefully it can be something that it can be configured in the future .

You can use the Showcase camera then zoom all the way in to remove that effect.
But yeah, you’re right. Default FoV for external view is waaay too high.

I tried to taxi the 787 using the external view , and it looked like a long pencil with wings , I think the views from fsx and p3d are better in my opinion.

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There is a perspective/lens correction option in the graphical settings somewhere, can’t look it up because I’m at work right now. Don’t know if it will fix your issue, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks , will try when I get home from work .

In the graphics settings, turn lens correction on. It reduces the fish eye effect you get when zooming out.