Extraneous Flight Path

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Why does the MSFS World Map flight planning plot this weird routing? Note that I’ve had similar plots multiple times during my world tour when I want to add a POI on the route.

I plot an airport to airport trip and also add a fly-over of a third point near the route.

Didn’t you want to give your passengers a little tour of the countryside?

SU5 added a new undocumented “feature” into the flight planner that automatically adds “hidden” waypoints for climbing and descending. The result is these really strange flight plans that are unacceptable. I’ve tried several different alternatives to get a flyable flight plan. Try changing to different departure and arrival runways. I was surprised at how much difference the runway choice makes. Another thing to try is specifying a a gate or parking spot at the arrival airport. Different selections might change the drawing of the flight plan as well

I have found similar to Pacific. Doing little changes have effects for unknown reasons. Sometimes, it actually gets rid of the wayward leg.