Extreme low FPS on a 1080ti / i7 / 32G before loading

In the menu’s, even before loading into an airport, I see FPS as low as 8-10 on “LOW”-settings which makes me think there’s a basic (PC?) issue not related to MSFS. All drivers are up-to-date, all background processes killed, peripherals disconnected besides KB+mouse, 1 monitor. No issues in other (demanding) games.

When I’m loading into a small rural airport with a C172, FPS stays exactly the same. FPS is not limited and sits at 100%.

So I’m at a loss here what the root cause could be. Any ideas what to look for?

Hi I don’t have an answer but I have the same issue.
I have a mid range PC, and untill today I was able to fairly play with mid settings with an average 30FPS.
After the last update I hafe 3 to 10PFS even in the menus.
I’ve tried to change some Nvidia panel stuff and some other tweeks, but this time it seems the problem is a lot more severe (it’s not just matter of tweeks for a couple FPS, it really dropped a lot!).
Pleae help 'cause it’s no more usable.

Hello everyone, if it can be useful I managed to solve like this:

  • in Microsoft Flight Simulator “LocalCash” folder I deleted two files:
  • UserCfg.opt

All back to normal FPS. Too bad I missed a day when I had time to play…

… and I also deleted Community packages I had… in the Packages → Community folder.

BIt of a late reply from my side, but thanks! Will give it a try.