Extreme stutters and freezes during approach after WU4

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i have multiplayer off and had bad stuttering, extreme on apptoach or take off

I have the same feeling, that it s the multiplayer causing framedrops and freezes. For me all went smooth whenever there where no multiplayer around. . . Otherwise it wasn t really microstutters, at my side it was more like 1 second freezes

Brussel → high cpu load, more then 6 threads needed! My experience! WU4 increased my lod and it’s a much smoother experience! :blue_heart:

" Limited by MainThread" states the problem. Just reduce some little setting that load mainly your cpu… et voila!

should i reduce my settings after every update? is that the solution? Well, congratulations … before the update I flew with 48 FPS without stuttering in EDDK, now there are more stutters and 33-40 FPS again.

2080 TI
i9 9900K
64 GB RAM 3600
400 M / bits LAN


I absolutely had no problem in brussels before the update, even with dense multiplayer traffic

Check out this youtube video at 1:52:00, he is trying to land at Paris

MSFS 2020 - Live World Update 4 Test Flight - A320 | France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg - YouTube

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was the same with me with the CRJ in LFPO

Yeah, had he activated dev mode you could analyse whats going on. There are different sources for stutter, network connection is one of them. Maybe you guys all have fibreglas with fancy 1 GB/s… some of these airports have huge datasets, and there you have your stuttering. To help with that, there is the cache file, which many of you guys don’t use or use with a ridiculous small data size. I set my size to 2TB on a old HDD (i don’t miss the space), which is much more then the average, and it records theoretical max. 25GB(yte!) with my 50Mbit/s of data per hour when flying over cities only… the advantage is, the second time i am flying over dense photogrammetrie or high-level airports, it’s no problemo!
Reducing some of the settings that are cpu heavy might help. You need to get some knowledge and always be aware what your system is capable of. :blue_heart:

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They obviously improved some lod’s → more visual quality means more usage… if you don’t want to adjust your settings (after every update) then maybe you should not complain. Always remember, this is a sim, so it takes a bit more effort then gamers are used too! :blue_heart:

If the CPU and GPU are loaded with 2-3% during stuttering, the problem is certainly not with the CPU or GPU. and before the update with the same conditions and place 40 FPS were normal .

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As i said. Bandwith maybe. System updates in background. Some issues in your bios that preventing it from running smooth… so many reasons…
I did not see many complaining in the forum in the last hours → most people are happy? Maybe it’s not the developer, maybe it’s user error! Deliver analytics if you think it’s not on your side. Just complaining does not solve your problem. :blue_heart:

I started with absolutely fantastic LOD, without jerking, without changing the setting, I had to turn down my setting after every update in order to maintain my usual performance. I have the FPS drops even when I set my LOD to 100 or 80 !!!

the problem is the bad servers from Microsoft that can’t handle the load when many players are in the same place .and this will not get better with the release of XBOX


Wow exactly what i experienced yesterday at brussels - never really never had this issue before but i think it might be the multiplayer…

I have a 600.000 mbit connection here … impossible that s my bandwidth is the problem. And as is said - during pre flight and takeoff climbing all was perfectly smooth - just came up during brussels approach

Experienced the same, in fact my internet connection got an upgrade this week… I am now trying a flight without multiplayer from LFMN to EHRD to see if that helps.

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it is a nice update but as long as you stay away from the airports .. 

Rotterdam Airport - from 40 fps to 14
and Nice when approaching I do not exceed 4 fps
while normally I really do not come below 35 fps
and even flat before landing on NICE I was thrown back to desktop
so it became a bit too much for MSFS to run for max 4 FPS

System: Ryzen 9 3900X, RTX 2070, 32GBVeng, Asro X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4, Windows 10 Pro 64bits

makes me feel like i’m a beta tester time to fix the planes and put the scenery on the back burner for a while

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Its not impossible for you to have that fast of a connection and still have a bad connection to a server, improbable but not impossible. Remember Most ISP only guarantee your connection speed to the 1st hop, some will guarantee it until you leave their system, but after that there is no guarantee, simply because they cant control what is beyond their control. Its actually in the TOS of most providers…

That being said try this, when you start getting slow as dog snot on an Alaskan morning, pause and go up to the server box, and change the server your connected to, go with a server with the lowest ping, and see if that changes things, if it doesnt, select the next slowest ping and see if that makes a change.

This morning I was flying on the EAST server and my pings got real bad, so I checked the server List and saw that southeast Asia and a 2ms ping (from the middle of America), so I switched to that and things got better, then started slowing down again. Checked the server list now the ping to SE Asia is @
2 million ROFL so I select West Coast server ping 95 ran better for a few and then totally crapped out!

Im done … I just cant take anymore of this mockery.

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