Extremely low FPS with pretty decent specs

Hello everyone,

I’ve had this issue with low fps for a few months now, but because I haven’t been playing too much MSFS2020 I’ve ignored the problem until now.

My current PC specs are:
Intel Core I9-9900K
Nvidia RTX 3070
32GB RAM @ 3000 MHz
On a resolution of 2560 x 1440

I play on ultra settings, but flying in high detailed, dense areas are impossible. I get around 8-20 FPS in airports such as London Heathrow and New York JFK. Similarly I get the same FPS when flying around London or New York. At this point I’ve restricted to flying in places which are entirely covered by ocean or grass (in which case I get 35-55 FPS), and it has made MSFS a lot less enjoyable. I feel that with my specs I should be able to squeeze something close to 30 FPS in high detailed, dense areas?

Does anybody have any advice on how to improve FPS, or is anybody facing similar results with similar specs?

Thank you.

Don’t run ultra settings will help, you never mentioned your native resolution either?

My system
i9 10850k
Rtx 3080
32gb ddr4

My system is a bit more powerful then yours and I have to turn down some settings, I do game in 4K tho, but even on my 2k monitor I still have to adjust a lot

Apologies just seen you did mention render resolution

Honestly your not alone. I spend most of my flights fiddling with graphic settings trying to get something that looks decent and performs at the same time. I believe the game just has terrible optimization. I’m kind of disappointed. I just picked up this simulator a few weeks ago. Kind of figured the growing pains would be over by now.

Also, coming from DCS with study level planes I was disappointed at the state of the planes in this “Simulator” I have planes with a bunch of inoperable buttons. Jetliners with non functioning screens. Flight dynamics that just don’t seem right, of course I am no pilot or aeronautical engineer so I certainly could be wrong there. Hopefully they get some patches out.

I wish you luck and if you figure out anything that makes a huge difference post it for the rest of us.

Tweak, tweak, and more tweaks will get you there. I am running a system that is less (9900K/2080Ti) and after this update, I set the “two-big” sliders in graphics to 200/200/95% Ultra @ 4K. I don’t bother to look at my FPS. It will just depress me. Look out the window. If it stutters “then” work on it.

No stutters flying into Norfolk in the TBM with nothing in the community folder. I do avoid the big airports though. Until MS/Asobo figures things out. And, MS/Asobo/NVidia release their new FPS super-engine (What’s’da name again?).

Each system is different. I am confident you will solve your issue(s)!

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Believe me I think my system is “unique” :joy: I just tuned my graphical settings to low, and still managed to get the same FPS out of JFK. I’m pretty sure the CPU is the issue here, and not the GPU.

Actually, I re-looked at your specs and we are basically dead-even. The 3070 and the 2080Ti are very similar in response times. I looked it up earlier today. My 2080 might be a “scounch” quicker but not by much in this title.

It’s probably JFK. Think class-c airports and below, if your plane will land there.

I tried following the steps in this video: Flight Simulator 2020 - Simple Solution to Reduce Stuttering & Boost FPS - YouTube

And did manage to get an extra 5-10 FPS. My FPS is still sub-30 in high quality, dense areas (averaging around 22-26 FPS), but a lot of my stuttering problems have gone and the game overall is running a lot smoother. Feel free to give this a try, as it seems to make a difference.

I have good news and bad news for you.

Good news: It’s not just you that has this problem, everyone does.
Bad news: It’s not just you that has this problem, everyone does!

Major airports and the major cities are a stutterfest even with the most powerful hardware available.

Try a bush trip (for testing), they are less dense and I bet you get good performance during those.

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Yeah you’re right (about both the good and bad news). It’s definitely unfortunate because you don’t really get to experience what you really paid for (which for me is the scenery of these big cities), but oh well I guess. Hopefully in the future we’ll see further optimization that’ll improve FPS.

There are reports of the last Win10 patch day that the package KB5001330 is the problem of FPS dropping so should be uninstalled. Maybe the hotfix of MSFS2020 should also improve that issue, but its not checked by me yet.

I was wondering if that may clean up the performance and stutters for some and plan to try it myself for the hll of it

Pretty similar setup here, only with a RTX 2080 and a slightly lower (native=render scale 100) resolution of 2560x1080 and I can achieve more or less stable 30fps over London - with a few occasional hiccups due to scenery loading. Try HIGH or MEDIUM settings and work your way up. You will notice some settings don’t make a huge difference visually but in terms of fps. My settings are in the HIGH area with the occasional ULTRA mixed in. Try lowering road traffic (I set it very low) and experiment with the three sliders (render scale/buildings/terrain). The largest impact has render scale, I can’t go beyond 100, while I set the other two to 150
Good luck!

Ah, didn’t saw this when posting above - unfortunately it takes some time, patience and expierience to get a smooth flightsim. However, I think 26 fps in very dense areas is a good starting point, as my system isn’t able to maintain 30fps under all circumstances too. Sadly that’s just how it ever has been, but as I said you should be able to get failrly stable 30fps in most areas.