Extremely poor performance with newly installed rx6800

I’ve just upgraded to an rx6800 and am struggling to get over 15fps in populated areas (London Heathrow, LA etc) and only around 25-30fps in low density areas on high settings at 1440p
I’m only running an R5 2600 CPU but have seen videos of people running the same or similar specs and getting 40+ fps in ultra 1440p.
My gpu clock fluctuations between 50 and 1800 for some reason. It’s not stable at all. Any ideas?

What was your previous GPU and what performance were you getting in those same spots with the same graphics settings?

London / Heathrow, LA / LAX are known to be really rough on CPU’s, even the most modern CPU’s. I would suspect you are CPU limited. You can enable the developer mode and show your FPS window and it will tell you what is limiting your performance.

If it’s CPU limited, your best options are to drop Terrain LOD, Object LOD, and Traffic settings to ease the CPU load.

With an AM4 platform, you also have a fairly easy upgrade path to something more modern. You could update your motherboard BIOS and drop in an -X3D CPU and really see some increased performance.

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I would recommend that you go into the sim and go to Home screen->Options->General Options->Developer and turn developer mode on. Then, on the top left menu bar under the Debug drop down menu turn on Display FPS. You will now get a small diagnostic window on the upper right of your screen.

Take a flight with all add-ons & 3rd party software off/not running & originating from a small obscure airport with a simple plane like the Cessna 152. Take some screen shots sitting on the runway and then up in the air - this should show best case results.

Then, take a flight using the airport & plane that shows the low fps and take some screen shots as before. This should show the worst case scenario.

Post your screen shots and and any relevant info & that will give us great feedback so that we can help

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Go to start, all programs, apps, and start OpenXR
set rendering on 200%.
It helped me.

I’ve never heard of this one before. I thought OpenXR is for VR users, so it’s unclear how that could help the OP.

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That CPU will definitely bottleneck an RX6800 but should not be that bad. Probably a GPU driver issue or something, even my RTX 4060 can handle anything this sim throws at it in 1440p.

It’s because it goes back to idle mode waiting on the CPU. Previously coming from a Ryzen 5 2600 and RX570 combo, I can confidently tell you the 2600 is your bottleneck as it struggled to even keep up with such a low end GPU.

You’ll want to look at scaling back traffic settings and Terrain/Object LOD sliders to give the CPU more breathing space. But still don’t expect to honestly see much above 30FPS with that CPU in MSFS, it just doesn’t have the legs for it.