Eye adaption has been removed

pretty sure it was not the exact same daytime and lighting condition…

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Probably not even the same season / month / day

Edit: SU6 vs SU10
I have now taken the time for a comparison.
Same place, same time (month / day / year / time)
Same orientation. Only now newer GPU and CPU.

I can’t see any difference in brightness.
You are probably comparing brightness to the same time, but not the same date. We have autumn now, so the light conditions are different than in summer.

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Dark parts are the problem in SU10, not the bright ones. Bright is the baseline now, everything in the shadows is too dark when you look at it with TrackIR etc. Your selection of a scene for a comparison is highlighting (no pun intended) the wrong side of the spectrum. :wink:

Asobo just please add it back as a option. It’ll make everyone happy long run.


Here is a picture with shadow and light. I still can’t tell the difference. And yes, I also fly with TrackIR without any problems. Since the dark areas on your monitor appear darker than before, I still assume wrong gamma values. The shadow is perhaps minimally darker, but the graphics settings (image above high, image below ultra) are also higher on the lower image (GTX1070 vs RX 6700 XT).

Direct comparison - Imgsli

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Several SU’s ago they made everything over-exposed. White planes no longer show any definition on its surface when in direct sunlight. It over-exposed the sky too.

I for one am glad they toned down EA. Either leave it as is or provide a slider for customization.

For those with cockpits too dark, perhaps tweaking your monitor’s ‘gamma’ settings just a bit.


The problem with that is that I have my monitors settings perfectly set for everything else; P3D, XP11, Arma 3, etc. So if I change it just for MSFS it would ruin everything else.

When in doubt, please just bring it back as a option.

I haven’t seen any visible difference either, during the beta period or after. The release notes only mention a change specific to VR, which I don’t use.

I do use HDR; it’s possible something changed for non-HDR? (And note the HDR initialization bug & workaround is still necessary on PC, though it seems to work fine on Xbox without.)

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Hi. No, because my monitor can’t do HDR. So the pictures above are taken without HDR.

Sounds like nothing’s changed at all except for VR, then? (Certainly nothing I’ve seen flying GA planes during the daylight hours in mostly clear weather through the entire beta period. However I’ve also never experienced the supposed “instruments too dark!” problem that many people have been complaining about re the eye adaptation for the last two years. I’ve always found the instrument panels to be consistently legible whenever I’ve been looking at them, unless I’m flying in the dark with no interior lights.)

My monitor also doesn’t have HDR. Maybe the problem is more noticeable in Non HDR screens. And why, I also find the cockpits too dark.

I looked at UserCfg.opt and EyeAdaption 1 is set. I guess I’ll set it to 0 and see what it does.

I try to explain the problem once again, because there still seems to be a lot of confusion. Yes, when you directly look at a bright spot in the scene, there isn’t much difference between before and after SU10. The difference is when you look down into a cockpit to fiddle with instruments etc., because the contrast is so extreme on a sunny day:

This is what it looks like with SU10 when you look down into a dark cockpit to do something:

And here is what I used to look with SU9. This is an edit of the above image to approximate what it looked like to make the difference clear.

For those who do photography: that’s an exposure difference of 1 and a half stops, meaning the cockpit brightness has been reduced to less then half of what it used to be, looking down.

Here is an actual SU9 image for reference:

Yes the outside was washed out, when you looked down into the cockpit. But that didn’t matter, because you were focusing on the cockpit to do what you wanted to do. But when you looked outside again, the image became darker again, so it looked good.

It’s among other things a “quality of life” thing that they took away. It’s more cumbersome to operate the instruments in the 737 now. And I’m most definitely not going to mess around with my gamma settings now, when I didn’t have to for over two years and in no other game.


The OP reported the cockpit is dark if he is in full zoom out. I depicted some screenshots where the cockpit is not darker…

Now also a screen with zoom only on cockpit…

Do a shot where the sun is coming from the front, keeping the cockpit in shadows, not one where the sun illuminates (as in brightens up) the cockpit from behind.

Anyway, I’m done explaining the issue. I did the best job I could. It’s obvious that many people don’t understand the issue or do not care.


will try to find different spot :slight_smile:

And we know the effect is changed, but makes it the game unplayable ? no…

Why devs decide to lower the effect and not give users the slider, we can only guess. May be it is only a side-effect to fix the VR issue and the wish was’nt just not in focus/known.

PS: I assume lots of other users like the new softer effect, because they no longer see only “white” if they look outside the window. Therefore the slider is important, otherwise the pro-and-contr disucssion will never end :slight_smile:

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IMHO the second picture is overexposed for the inside, as well as for the outside. The first, darker picture looks fine to me but I can see how splitting the difference might look nice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had exposure and contrast controls in the sim so we could tune it how we like it, without anyone else making a decision for us?

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and here the new spot ( jumped into the air and fly into the sun )

It is still “ok” for me :relaxed:

( ah… and all cockpit lights off )


and now I catched a good example where we see that the cockpit become brigther, because the Eye adaption still exist

look to front:

and go down with the head:

It’s not fine, it’s on a bright sunny day. The second picture is what it would look like with all the ambient light bouncing around in the cockpit. The first image looks like it’s after sundown or on an overcast day, not like at midday with clear skies.


I’ll have to take your word for it. My eye still says first one’s only a smidge dark, whereas the bright one’s wayy too bright. I could be wrong though!

The SU10 image looks spot on. If it’s about realism, you would have on sunglasses if flying into the sun, and the flight deck would indeed be somewhat darkened. Leave it as is or provide us a slider.

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