Eyes of TEXAS in VFR #9 High Desert (Who could LIVE here?)

Eyes of TEXAS in VFR #9 High Desert (Who could LIVE here?)

Aug 27th, 19:00-21:30,(GMT-05:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Voice Communications: TexasPropsCrews Discord Server

Server : South-East Asia

Settings : All Players, No Traffic, Live Weather, Game time 09:00AM Local

Plane: Single Engine Props (110 kt cruise)

Departure Airport : Hurd Memorial (E01) airport.
Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Welcome to the EYES OF TEXAS in VFR tour of Texas.

We will be flying this tour in a VISUAL VFR sense,

using landmarks, rivers, highways, and VORs

to complete the trip slowly at about 100 kts.

If all you want to do is “follow the magenta line”,

then this tour is NOT for you!

And I know how to make it where you won’t. I am not

going to publish the instructions (route) before we are actually

preparing to take off at the departure airport.

And it will NOT be a flight plan that you may just load into the sim,

It will contain a set of instructions and VOR freq/courses that we will follow.

I don’t want anyone to feel intimated that they don’t know how to fly the instructions.

It will be possible to simply follow along and we can help you with the nav radios

(or you can fly it later, if you miss one and know how to do it).

But flying Texas ALONE is just NOT the same as flying with the GROUP.

Have I roused your curiosity? What will you see you ask? The plan is to

SEE IT ALL. If it is in Texas, and its good to look at in a plane,

we will fly over it, and do the trip sequentially as we go.

Our friend FOOT is doing this for the World. Well, I plan to do it for TEXAS!


Don’t bother bringing your JETS, TWINS, TURBOs, or anything else

without a working NAV radio. If you turn OFF your Little Nav Map and

just use a static VFR map such as those found at www.skyvector.com,

the immersion factor will be better. And you will need to use your EYES and your brains to keep on track.

Come on YA’LL, Let’s really SEE ALL of T E X A S ! ! !

Thanks for the cool experience awesome flight plan I am maximus19736 could not keep up with you guys im east not sure if the south Asia server played a role again thanks!

Hey, don’t be shy about asking me to SLOW DOWN! We don’t want to leave anyone behind. I know not all of the props are equal, as far as speed. Glad to have you with us!