F/A 18 Displays Go dark in flight, or turn on and off randomly.

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The Control displays and HUD turn off in flight. Sometimes its all of the displays + HMD at once, other times random screens turn off and on. HMD can even alone stop working. Seems to happen when there are frame rate drops in areas like Manhattan NYC.

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Just Fly around and area you know is CPU/Memory intensive. Usually happens to me in less than 10 minutes of flight.

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Xbox X

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I am also seeing this behavior again in other planes pretty frequently. screens are turning on and off like the plane has some kind of electrical shortage… Example of TB-30 below. Even the EFB went black… Few seconds later everything came back. This happened again when I experienced frame drops.

I have same issue in Kingair. Displays turn off after about 10 min flying . Happened 4 times on same route flown so its not random.