F18 - AI Piloting

So currently (since release) the F-18 doesn’t seem to be working with AI piloting enabled (it will do a barrel roll right after take off and crash and it does this in mid-air as well) - but unfortunately I’ve not seen very many reports on this by other users (I suspect because very few might be using AI piloting in the first place).

Asobo also (as far as I know) hasn’t acknowledged the problem and I reported it to Zendesk as well - so I’ve been waiting for a fix.

In the meantime (what this thread is actually about) - I’ve been wondering if I can fix the issue myself via the ai.cfg file for the F-18, but have not had any success.

Does anyone know whether (even theoretically) - I could fix the issue through the ai.cfg?

The problem starts once the plane has taken of and begins to climb. (You can see the behavior yourself, just choose any airport, choose the F-18 and then turn on AI Piloting and wait until the aircraft has taken off)

Hi there,
you are spot on, the aircraft is totally unbalanced and cannot be flown safely at all.
I had the Typhoon in my hanger and they have changed it for the F18, I have reported this as balance wise the Typhoon is far better but even that aircraft needs more development to left and right viewing.
I have asked for the Typhoon to be put back in my hanger, but no reply as yet.