F18 post combustion


Can we activate the post combustion in the new F18 and, if so, how?


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Do the release notes have any pointers?


Look up “afterburner” in controls settings and assign a control.


I saw the afterburner control but nothing happened when I used it.

Here is how I can activate the afterburners.

I have to push both throttles at the max with the mouse in the cockpit, then left click on each throttle so that a menu appears and then I right click the mouse. I can see Off changing for On in the menu. Once again, I have to do this with both trottles.

The afterburner toggle button only desactivate the afterburners; I wonder how to assign a control to activate them.


Throttle must be maximum before you can turn on afterburner.

Add full forward power, then use the control you assigned to activate the engine reheats.

Full throttle, then apply and hold the “Toogle afterburner” while pushing the throttle farther.

One button on my Saitek must not be used for this assignment… that was part of the problem.

When playing, press esc.

Go to control settings

Choose a controller. I chose keyboard.

In the search box type “afterburner”

Apply and Save.

Resume your flight.

Max thrust. Then use your newly assigned control.

j’ai cherché “post combution” et le menu option m’a proposé “post combution activer”, j’ai choisi le bouton de mon joystick. revenue au vol ça a fonctionné. la recherche afterburner" n’a rien donné.

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