F22 Bredok3d? BUYER BEWARE

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For 20 bucks no way that’s an embarrassment! Maybe 5 bucks at the most . These kind of dlc need to go in a bargain bin catagory or something like that .

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I would not even install these for free, the quality and the visuals are absolute ridiculous compared to the default Asobo planes and good DLC like PMDG and Carenado.
Even for FSX freeware standards the quality is so poor that in no way this thing would have found a way into my FSX aircraft folder…


When I first saw it on the MSFS store the initial picture looked awful, cheap and as I dived deeper couldn’t believe how bad it looked. I am also glad I know about this forum, informed minds will hopefully make the best decisions…but if they don’t enjoy and have fun…I guess :smiley:

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What is the context of your opinion of this plane?

Meaning do you only have the free Hornet and the $20 F-22 as your only experience?

I can’t imagine someone owns an F-14 or F-15 or F-16 or(Top Mach) F-22 and they still would have high praise for the $20 F-22.

It’s okay if you don’t have other planes, but it would make sense.


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I believe its understandable that people will not always look up reviews for aircraft. Personally I do, however some people are completely unaware that reviews for aircraft are made, or that an entire community exists for flight simming even. Its like buying DLC for games, its almost never googling it, but taking what the developers say and believing it. For the marketplace a good amount of people might read the developers description, but more importantly they just look at the pictures.

Also, I must believe that a good amount of people are completely unaware that products might come from 3rd party developers, rather than just Asobo, and so they often believe they’ll get the same quality aircraft when buying it from the marketplace. The flight sim ecconomy can be pretty unclear. When I attempt to explain to people that some aircraft might cost 90 dollars, they don’t understand why that would ever be the case for “just some DLC”.

I think that that is the largest issue with the marketplace, so much lack of transparency, and so people who are completely unaware, or buying for the first time don’t understand their other options to purchase, or the wide varriety in quality of aircraft. The marketplace is very flawed, and there are so many things that could be used to fix that. Some SMALL things can be used to completely fix it, or atleast better it. it might be just as simple as having real user reviews or even a better refund system. Bredok3d has realized they can thrive off of the marketplace because people on the marketplace don’t talk, can’t talk, and are totally unaware of other purchasing sites. Simmarket was a part of the “greater flight sim community” and so thus people in the community can actually review and warn other users.


The Garmin is stupid. Probably approved for novice pilots who are familiar with it. It needs the gold tinted canopy glass. The textures are okay when not zoomed in. Those weird bumpy textures on the nose are to help it blend. I only saw 1 video of TMS F22. Its texture is flat across the body. Not how it should look. I believe that is only for the freeware beta-esk version to incentivize the payed one on release which looks better. Makes me wonder if it can come to the market now with this here. Maybe somebody from Bredok will see this thread at some point?

This thing absolutely needs auto trim. Bredok, It is unstable and does require it to fly. Nobody will judge you if you are able to just use the F18s. Its decent. This is sort of essential for aerobatics. Something the F22 is supposed to be top tier with. If you plan on making money, make some of these changes.

Pity the marketplace doesn’t have some sort of trial period, even it was only 2 hours flying time. I am sure that would be enough time for most people to realise this is junk.


It doesn’t even need to be two hours. They already have the hangar feature built in and if you were able to go into that with an aircraft “demo” that would be a pretty fair way to test an aircraft. I really wish Asobo implemented something alike this.


The Bredock Eurofighter flight model is pretty far from “well done” - in fact “pure fantasy” would be a better description.


We can see now,who support those products.Those who “know” about flight models🤦‍♂️

I agree that it definitely looks much better than XPlane and FSX, but it would cost at least $160 to have that experience. Some people just prefer better looking visuals in certain situations. I own DCS, but prefer the visual quality of the FS2020 any time I am not working on complicated systems or combat, so I get it.

EDIT: I sincerely wish FS2020 had the same vetting process for their addon planes as DCS has because it would avoid this horrible garbage like the Bredok3d F-22 from even being offered to poor unsuspecting buyers.

This was put so well, completely agree.

That incentive isn’t needed. There is a ton of developers that create those detailed “boring” aircraft simply because they want to and can, just like there are developers who create quality military aircraft.

Developers like Bredok3d are a minority within the market. The fact that they exist (and always existed within flight simulation) does not invalidate the efforts made by other developers, nor the fact that some have pride in the quality of their products.

Conversely, if this developer couldn’t touch fighter jets, they could still pollute civilian simulation with equally low-tier but popular civilian models, as they have already done.

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