F4 corsair vr rift s issues

Anyone with the new milviz f4 corsair having problems with vr (rift s) my game just ctd everytime I try to go into vr but only with this aircraft

I had same problem with Carenado Waco and Seminole. Reported to zendesk and this is their answer:
We have requalified this ticket into a bug report. Our team of experts will review the information you provided to categorize and prioritize the issue.
I suggest you to report your issue as well so they can add the Corsair in their investigation.
In the meantime you can try to use this workaround that is working for me:
Start a flight with a different plane. Go to VR. Still in VR return to Main Menu and select the Corsair and you should be able to fly it in VR.

Thanks ill give that a try,although I did manage to get it working one last night,I spawned in the air it loaded up

Some planes are not VR compatible, I don’t know really why. Even some are delivered with specific liveries to use for VR or it will crash (E.g. the freeware Edgley Optica). You should check with the plane manufacturer I guess…

It works fine with the g2

Been genuinely great here with my Quest 2 through Virtual Desktop

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