Fabio Merlo's Flight Recorder CTD

This is why I dislike payware utility. Paid $18 for this at Sim Market and all you get are CTD’s. Works nice for about one minute. I am opening the exe as administrator like the read me says. Anyone having any luck with this program?

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Same to me but after last MSFS update…CTD all times!

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I had the same problem. Then I found out I used the wrong exe. :man_facepalming:
Have a look at your installation folder and try the exe in the FlightControlReplayMSFS folder - not the one in the main folder.

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Haven’t had any issues yet. The only issue I have with the replay mod is that it won’t display the nav and strobe lights in the wing view position.
Besides that it’s been working like a charm

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Hi guys! thank you for your support !

FlightControlReplay works like a charm !

Use FlightControlReplay option “Load replay without initial …” that you find in FCR Option dialog

Please read advices in announcement forum post :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is no tutorial on this program. Maybe it’s the way Iam starting the replay. I load a flight and not sure to start the flight or pause it, but either way it crashes to desktop.

Hi!! Tutorial will arrive soon ! In the meantime in next update I m adding a lot of new features that community asked me :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

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Much appreciated. I finally got the replay to work by turning off live traffic and GA traffic. However, there seems to be a constant “don’t sink, don’t sink” on playback, and the horizontal stabilizer stuck in the full up position. See screen shot. Anyone else having this issue with stabilizer?

You have to exit to the main menu and restart flight somewhere, wait for it to load, then fire up FCR and wait for that to load- then you can start to record playback without those warnings. It’s not the replay’s fault- rather how the sim reacts. All replay tools have the same limitation.

This isn’t much of a problem with small planes but with a jet like the FBW, it’s a nightmare. If you just rewind/fast forward- it will capture sounds associated with the aircraft’s current state as opposed to the replay. So, say we’re recording a takeoff, we have to start from scratch after rewinding if we don’t want those sounds.