Failed WU7 can't update


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WU7 came up and started install (had a drink when I came back it looked as it had installed, on checking Perth for the photogrammetry scenery it had not changed on more investigation WU7 had not installed, looking in some of the files there is MS discovery Perth went to the discovery file and it said there was an error.
Looking at the installed items all other WU have the number a description and installed /up to date etc, but WU7 is not there. there are no updates available.

I un-installed the sim and then re-installed it (around 20 hrs) on opening it up the sim is in the same state, not like a fresh install, all my data and control settings are still there.
I think there is a file with my data in that remained after the un-install.
Community folder is empty and I have a copy of the official / onestore folder as apparently you can do a quicker install.

PC is a HP Omen with 3080, i9, 64 gb ram etc. this runs the sim on ultra with no problems

At the moment the game works but no WU7 and can’t get a download, have logged a ticket but no response as yet,

Any help would be much appreciated

Did you definitely download the world update content from the in-game marketplace?

Thanks for that, Silly mistake on my part … too keen to see Perth again

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