Failure on Flying to Flagstaff via Training

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Brief description of the issue:
I am a licensed Private Pilot.

When I am flying from Sedona to Flagstaff via the training steps (with instructor), as I approach Flagstaff, her statement is that approach has cleared me for runway 21. I then set up a left-hand pattern and am aware that there is a displaced threshold on runway 21. I follow the landing process and do not land until after the displaced threshold, but both times I have done this, she states “Well you weren’t supposed to land” or something very similar, and she states that this was a failure, and that we need to start over. I’m not sure whether the displaced threshold is throwing the AI or whether I am completely misinterpreting the goal of the approach to Flagstaff. Typically in my experience if I am “cleared for runway 21” this would indicate a landing. Ideas?