Fake Addon - Close to Elba Island - Italy

Hi, anyone know what add on installed this fake 2 bridges, the big monument and the huge tree between Elba Island and Piombino in Italy? I didn’t know that I had this installed until a did a fly around the island. Thanks.

Hi @Wanlan ,
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Suggestion: you could always remove your addons one by one to find the culprit.


they might be part from a scenery from this user, check on fs.to in your downloaded history mods section.


Thanks for you reply, but i’m sure that I didn’t download any scenery from him. i will try to remove the add ons one by one.

To make your search more efficient, use binary search. Remove half of the mods, see if it is still there… if no, add the other half, and remove half again.

The easiest way to do that is by using addon linker.


Thanks for the suggestion, good way to get the job done faster.

After a search, the package that installs the fake bridges, monument and tree is the following projectcoastline-landmarks-world-optional.

Thanks for the replies.