Famous 60 second stutter all over again / Bush Flight only

Yeah, the same thought was going trough my mind.
Why does it only happen for a specific group of people, while others dont have the “autosave-stutter” ? If its really an autosave issue, why doesnt it happen to all folks ?

Has anyone posted a screenshot of an extended time monitoring their GPU and it not showing any blip? I’m just guessing it happens to everyone and some don’t notice or care

if only a monitoring tool notice anything and not your eyes, there is no issue :wink:

I’m also having this issue. I only have the stuttering with bush trips. I just started flying these to do some exploration but the stuttering is quite annoying.

another confirmed case here, I got stutter only in the bush trip, it does not have this stutter problem if it is NOT in bush trip mode flying the same spot, so it must be the bush trip mode problem

I also get pauses about a second or two in some Bush trips, especially the Andes one.

Seems still be present in almost all Bush trips.