Famous Flyer 9 Pack: Douglas C-47D and Waco CG-4A Glider

Can anyone confirm if they can pick up an NDB?

I’ve tried tuning into known, working NDBs (checked they are working in the sim by testing with the JF Tomahawk). Power is on for the ADF but the radio compass needle has never moved. Not sure if I’m missing something or if there is a problem with the aircraft.

If you’ve got it working, could you give me the location and frequency so I can test it?

I’m guessing that may have been the same group flight I joined. It was honestly the best thing I’ve experienced in MSFS, flying with a massive group of C47/DC-3 aircraft, and with our fighter escorts buzzing around. It was made even better by the excellent D-Day mod that’s free over on the Twotonemurphy website. There are some very cool and atmospheric enhancements - but I don’t want to spoil it too much so I’ll spare the details!

I did end up flying the DC-3 in a WW2 livery, since there are still too many issues with the C47 for my liking, but there was a good mix of both aircraft in the group flight.


Thank you for your hint. My mistake, i didn’t finish reading the manual. I would like to fly from England to Normandy too. It’s probably not easy to manipulate the files for the towing. Maybe the devs have mercy to give us the possibility for the towing plane or some courses

It was, and thanks again for your efforts too! :+1:t2:


209.0 HGT

Fort Hunter Liggett, California. Northwest of KPRB.


Thanks for confirming that, it proved there was a problem on my end. In my case it was a button bound for avionics master on the HC Bravo in the MSFS control options. I think this comes from the profiles being reset at some point because I use Spad and Logitech panels and cleared the in-sim defaults.

Again, thanks for taking the time to help out, much appreciated.


Couldn’t make the group flight, sounds amazing!
Tried the website but the Downloads menu doesn’t work, in fact most of the Menu items have no effect…any tips?

You have to create an account to get access to the TwoToneMurphy download section. A bit of a slight inconvenience but I promise that D-Day add-on is worth it!

Yes, there is a way to remove the copilot. Above him, there is a clickspot. See screenshot:


That’s astonishing! Never knew they did that. Seems pretty hazardous for the C47 crew :thinking:

Finally figured how to take off.
Flew from KMDT Middletown to KPHL Philly.
Was actually able to land without crashing it​:sunglasses::+1:


I finally got some time to log in and try it. The sounds are indeed REALLY bad. Is it just me, or does it sound exactly like the Boeing 307? And if you did sounds so badly once, why hire the same place to do it again? (in reference to it supposedly being not their fault that the DC-3 sounds so much better).

I noted this, too.

they know how to get happy users :grimacing:

Thanks very much - I’d have never found that!

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Work in progress on another RAF livery!


Should have thought of that! Thanks :slight_smile:
Took a while to register (Chrome on 2 PCs wouldn’t work, but Opera finally did) but great scenery - Wow!!!

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Do you use the FM upgrade from f.to?

I’d deleted that thinking the latest Virtavia update didn’t need it, but I’ve reinstated it to try and get towing to work…with a slight improvement…the Stirling now takes off straight with glider in tow but once clear of the ground pitches up…and up…and up until it stalls. Giving up for now. :frowning:

Stirling works well with the D-Day scenery :slight_smile:

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It’s finished and available here if anyone wants another RAF livery!


It is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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