Famous Flyer V: Antonov An-2

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the Antonov An-2, available now from the in-sim Marketplace on both PC and Xbox for USD $14.99. You can read more about this new Famous Flyer here.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bug Reports & Wishlist section of the forum with the tag #antonov-an-2

Update (May 11, 2023)
An update to Famous Flyer V: Antonov An-2 is now available from the Content Manager. Please see the release notes below:

  • Adjustments have been made to the aircraft’s service ceiling based on community feedback.
  • Drag has been increased when flaps are fully extended
  • A visual helpers have been added for the fuel selector and comm radio power switch in the Before Starting Engine checklist
  • The Descent checklist can now be completed using auto-complete.
  • The door latch hatch is now textured after the door is opened.
  • The success condition for the Idle RPM check in the After Starting Engine checklist has been corrected.
  • The windshield is no longer black at lower LODs.
  • Cowl flaps are now open when starting on the runway.
  • The Before Starting Engine checklist in the Modern variant can now be completed using auto-complete.

Original Aircraft Manual - English

Checklists on page 161.


Almost all switches work and it is a really unique and beautiful model. Night flying with those fluorescent instruments is great. However there are quite some little bugs to squash. Many switches don’t visually flip even though they are registered correctly and play their sounds. The sounds are awesome by the way. I love all the little interactions. It’s a bit of a challenge to figure out those old instruments labeled in Russian.


Thanks for the feedback, @saschpe! If you can kindly create a bug report in the appropriate forum section denoting which specific switches do not animate correctly, we can enter that info into our bug tracking tool.



Is there a way to track a VOR? I figured out how to use the ADF, but I cannot get NAV1 to register on anything except the audio morse code.


I worked the flaps switch on my throttle, couldn’t see anything move, so I came to the conclusion that there were no flaps. Not unheard of on a biplane.

Er. Some time later…

Flaps down button on the left of the throttle, flaps up button lower left central console. Not the usual arrangement, but it works.

Just mentioning this on the slim chance that there’s someone else out there as dumb as me.


There is a switch that turns on the flaps position indicator which will move when you hit your flap switch


so how can we get rid of some of these AN2s? theres no situation when i want to fly one with floats or skis, so i dont want them to show up in my aircraft selection. with aircraft purchased outside of the marketplace, we can set a variable of userselectable=0 or something like that. the best i can figure out with MP aircraft is to delete the folders for each unwanted version, but they still retain a placeholder in aircraft selection…sooooo thats not really doing any good


Aircraft selection screen in general needs a revamp. Would much prefer a list view. An option to favourite and hide certain aircraft variants would be useful. But alas, this is going off track.


It was nice before where each airframe held one placeholder in the menu and variants were selected the same way liveries were. As it is now, it just gets too cluttered


We sooo need a Stranger Things livery.


Oh this is THAT plane! Rad!

I remember watching that scene right in the middle of all my MSFS hype and giggling furiously to see what model it was so I could fly it, disappointed there weren’t any out there (at the time).


The An-2 turned out great! AT Simulations Antonov was one of my favorite planes in FSX and it’s great to finally have it in MSFS.

Inspired by this video of a polish pilot doing aerobatics with an An-2…

…I decided to have a bit of fun with the sim version and the flight model seems to be very accurate =)


Im trying to figure out VOR also.

Is the mixer lever supposed to be reversed? The plane wont start unless the mixture lever is down. Also is it possible to get an english translated cockpit? I hate using the tool tip popups.

Yes it’s like that in the real plane.

There is no VOR indicator in the An-2 Modern.

Well you can uninstall it in Content manager. Though that gets rid of ALL the An2 variants of course.

Key word was “some”

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I have checked because I was wondering too: The real airplane has the mixture lever inverted too.
I think I will discover more unusual things with this plane soon…

You can get rid of planes by just deleting them from the official folder.
I trimmed down my Reno pack to just one of each type.

You just need to keep the base one + the variant you want, so you need to study the folder structure of the plane + variants first to understand how it’s organised.

Some planes you don’t save much that way, as the base version is the biggest, and the variants are way smaller. Depends how they’ve done it.

I haven’t bought it yet. Still on the fence, though I did some jumps out of one in Czech years ago. Noisy windy beast with an exit kick like a mule iirc! Fun!

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