Famous Flyers and MSFS 2024

MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe included extra aircraft and airports. In MSFS 2024, are the Famous Flyers aircraft going to be included in MSFS 2024 Premium Deluxe package?

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Meh for racing or sim games I just buy the top version every time. It’s always worked out.

FF planes have to be bought regardless of what package of MSFS2020 you own, so why would they be included for free with MSFS2024?

Why can’t they be? Microsoft owns the copyright. Microsoft may package the famous flyers to provide extra content in the premium deluxe base package for users to spend $120 plus on MSFS 2024.

Makes no sense to me. They’ve already shown in trailers that they have tons of new planes in FS2024 to spread across packages. Why alienate those who bought Premium 2020 and shelled out for FF/LL on top of that when you can just keep selling FF/LL for both sims?