Fantastic Experience

Hello Gang. I just wanted to share the following…

First and foremost, the sim is clearly missing some fundamentals at the moment. Things such as instant replay, nosewheel steering, and some basic instrumentation should have been in the initial release. That being said, I just did a flight around MGGT (La Aurora Intl Airport) in Guatemala City. It is a very tricky airport where you need to navigate terrain, a rapidly approaching runway that sits on top of a mesa, and an undulated runway. This sim captured all of it. The weather, the visuals, the city, the terrain, and the flawless capture of the ILS was fantastic. The visuals of this things are incredible. I do have a beefy monster machine that allows me to run everything at Ultra, but…I was thinking. Microsoft/Asobo is not giving us the sim we want. They have given us a platform/foundation from which serious developers like PMDG will be able to work from. What we’re getting out of the box with this thing we would have dreamed of when FSX and the likes came out. Heck…I had to pay a ton of $$$ just toget FSX and XPlane to look remotely like FS2020 looks out of the box.

In any case, want to shoot a cool approach, try the approach to runway 01 at MGGT.




I’ll definitely look into MGGT, I like to try new landings.

If you want a challenge, land a loaded 208 B on TNCS :wink: