FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This thread contains a list of Frequently Asked Question asked by our forum community and is aimed as a resource for new members as well as a reference to all members of Microsoft Flight Simulator forum.

The Basics

:question: How do I install, uninstall or update MSFS?
Visit the [HOW-TO] Installation Guides.

:question: What are the known issues?

:white_check_mark: Check the News and Announcement section
:white_check_mark: Check the Microsoft Flight Simulator Known Issue Tracker
:white_check_mark: Visit the Troubleshooting & Support section on Zendesk

All issues and bugs can be submitted via Zendesk.
For information on bug reporting, check out the Zendesk Bug Reporting FAQ.

:question: Where do I find the Code of Conduct
Click here to visit

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Forum General Questions

Forum General Questions

:question: What kind of threads are there?

Threads at the Microsoft Flight Simulator are considered discussion; issues and bugs should be sent via Zendesk. You can make suggestions and provide feedback in the forum; the threads will be marked as such by moderators.

:question: How can follow threads and get notified of updates?

Click the bell at the top of the section you wish to follow and select an option; such as ‘Watching First Post’ to be notified when new articles are posted.

:question: How do I submit feedback and / or suggestions?

Your feedback can posted in any of the available categories. When starting a new thread make sure to pick the most appropriate category. You can read a description of the categories in the banner.
A short description will also appear when you make a post as you hover of the categories.

:question: How do I send information about bugs and issues?

All issues and bugs can be submitted via Zendesk.
For information on bug reporting, check out the Zendesk Bug Reporting FAQ.

:question: How do I send in a crash report for MSFS?

Check out this How-To for more information.

:question: Where can I get order support?

For pre-order issues with purchasing the digital version, you can find support at https://support.xbox.com.

:question: Are my threads read by the Microsoft Flight Simulator team?

Your feedback is valuable and while there is usually no direct interaction between developers and the the forum community, every thread and post is read by the MSFS Team and your feedback flows into the development.

:question: How do I upload a file to the forum?

Pictures and videos (H264 MP4) up to 5MB can be uploaded.
(See below on how to take screenshots & videos)

If you need to upload a PDF for sharing, please contact @moderators with your request.

:question: I have a question or problem with the forum, who can I contact?

Please send a private direct message and put @moderators in the to field.

MSFS General Questions

MSFS General Questions

The following issues and questions are encountered on a regular basis and most of the time have a pretty simple solution.

:question: My plane has really jerky controls

Make sure you use the AILERONS/RUDDER/ELEVATOR AXIS bindings instead of INC/DEC bindings.

:question: My throttle goes to idle when switching views

Make sure you don’t have multiple devices/axes bound to throttle

:question: My plane nose-dives/sky-rockets when switching views

Check your bindings for a trim axis which is assigned. Especially the TWCS throttle control and X52 sets.

:question: Avionics switch off when changing views

Disable the Avionics master switches on your Honeycomb yoke.

:question: How can I see other players on the MFD or VFR map?

This is currently not supported, but you can checkout Flight Events; a community tool.

:question: How can I take screenshots and videos?

There are numerous ways to take screenshot, here are a few:


Any 3rd party tool or game overlay. The XBox Game Bar for example.

Shortcut keys can be selected, by default Alt + Win + PrtScrn

Alternatively you can also use Nvidia tools to easily create screenshots and videos, these are stored in the Documents - Video folder by default.

See here for even more ways to take screenshots of games:


:question: How do I remove the ATC text on screen?

Disable Options -> General -> Sound -> Subtitles

:question: How do you show FPS in the game?

Try out the already-installed Windows Game Bar or use any third party application like the NVIDIA control panel or RivaTuner.

:question: Where is the save and/or replay functionality?
This feature is currently not yet implemented.

MSFS Camera & Views

MSFS Camera & Views

:question: How do you make cool screenshots?

Use the drone
Check out the [HOW-TO] Using the Drone Cam, Tips & Tricks guide.

:question: How can I move around in the Cockpit?

Inputs were added to allow you to control the cockpit camera’s backward and forward translations

  • Left/ right arrows: move left/ right
  • Up/ down arrows: move forward/ backward
  • ALT + up/ down arrows: move up/ down

:question: How can I create custom views?

  • Ctrl + Alt + [number] to create a custom camera
  • Alt + [number] to load a custom camera
  • Custom cameras are saved per plane and across sessions

:question: How can setup the Drone (Showcase Mode)? What do I need to bind?
Use the drone
Check out the [HOW-TO] Using the Drone Cam, Tips & Tricks guide.

:question: How do I remove the HUD from external view

Disable Options > General > Camera > Chase Camera > Display Instrument HUD

Community, Communication and Multiplayer

Community, Communication and Multiplayer

:question: How do I use the multiplayer feature?

Have a look at the How-To on Multiplayer.

:question: When is the next community fly-in?

Check out the category for Community Flights.

:question: How can I meet, chat and talk with other simmers?

Join the Official MSFS Community Discord, where you can meet with other simmers and join (and invite others) to fly.