Fastest Cruise Speed of A320neo

The fastest cruise speed of an A320neo is around 522 mph. But I cannot get the A320 to go any faster than around 300-320 knots, which is around 368 mph. I am cruising at 33,000 feet in clear skies. Why is this?


Because the 522mph are true airspeed, but the airspeed indicator shows indicated airspeed, which decreases with altitude.

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It sounds like you’re looking at the indicated airspeed on the speed tape. The indicated airspeed is a measure of pressure difference exerted on the aircraft moving through the thin air at altitude. You want to look at the true airspeed (TAS) in the top left corner of the ND.

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At that altitude, you need to look at the Mach. Then use the True Airspeed (TAS) indicator on the top left corner of the ND.

Thanks for this tip!
So far there are no real handbooks available to learn the Airbus fly (unlike the PMDG and Captain Sim Boeings with hundreds of pages handbook - there is nothing for the Airbus) and I always wanted to know if this awesome machine has some kind of true air speed or speed-above-ground indicator.

This is a good website to learn about the instruments and the symbols:

As for your speed question, you can look them here in the top left corner:

GS is your Ground Speed
TAS is your True Air Speed


Plane Airbus A320 (

Thanks all for the useful information, I better understand the difference between true air speed and ground speed now.



There is a ton of free information about all aspects of the A320 online. Maybe this isn’t cool to do here, not sure, but if you really want to understand how to operate the A320 from a flight simulation perspective, I’d highly recommend you purchase this program series from Airline2Sim:

It consists of 28 professionally done videos covering all aspects of the A320 for simulation flying with commentary by two pilots - One who is a current A320 pilot. It’s very well-done and uses the excellent Flight Sim Labs A320 for P3D as the subject airplane. Don’t let this discourage you though, This is the level of realism that FBW are going for with the A32NX so the platform is irrelevant and this model demonstrates all you need to know about properly flying the A320 in a simulation environment. Highly recommended.