FBW 320X doesn't load route

It used to show the route legs that i set before entering the flight from the world map, but now it doesn’t show any route. how do i load it?

Which version?

For example in the experimental version (maybe also the dev one) the route can currently only be viewed in the ND (nav display , setting to Plan and skipping through the flightplan in the MCDU). Just as IRL.

The experimental got the new FBW FMS already and it’s not talking with Sims flightplan from the worldmap at the moment.

It is the dev version. I loaded the flight again and now it worked.
But now plane loses altitude and ap keeps disconnecting

AP disconnect und losing altitude sounds like a pilots error or maybe a controller issue. Didn’t checked the last dev today, but I made a 7 hr flight yesterday and had no issue with AP and altitude.

I wasn’t touching the controls and it happened after 1 hour straight flight

Autopilot will not disconnect unless the plane is not in a safe situation.

This generally means an incoming stall.

Make sure your throttles are correctly calibrated and always in the CLB gate (no LVR CLB fflashing on the FMA).

As often … easier to post a screenshot for people to help you point out what is going wrong.

In that case I’m quite sure you made an unintentionally manual Input to your flight controls. A little to much and the AP disengage.