FBW 32nx lost controll


I take a long flight for about 6hrs. After good 2h I can not controll the plane anymore. I can not turn off the autopilot, autothrust. Leavers cant be moved inside or outside the plane, sidestick does not move, planes flights wrong direction. I can change the views, fs or ls, but the whole autopilpt, speed etc is like freezed. Its thr actual developer version. Take off etc no problem but now completely lost of controll.

Did you step on the cable or something that disconnected your hardware from the PC?

No, it works inside the thr msfs settings without problems. Maybe it was just a fault in the sim. As i disconnect the leavers via usb and reconnect the plane lost all of his power. :grinning:

The sim probably crashed - without exiting to the desktop but only by making the whole aircraft inop.